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Issue Number:   Oct   1957

My dear Friends,
I have been reading an old book recently— but my goodness, how up to date it is. I wish that all people would read through it and digest it—it is called "Socialism, the Church and the Poor," and is by Forsyth. Here are some quotations from it that struck rne—"Christianity is not brotherhood, but Sonship." "With a poor democracy, set upon songs and circuses, beer and football, Christ could have no more in common than with a plutocracy whose tastes are at heart the same." "Christ could not lead or keep a mass movement." "It is not possible with due knowledge of the New Testament, to hold that Jesus was, above all things, a social reformer." That is the naive note of a democracy which has only just discovered His sympathy, promptly appropriates Him, and proceeds to exploit Him for a Socialist, as the French Revolutionaries made Him a "sansculotte." "It is a state of mind that has never faced the New Testament with historic and critical seriousness, but only with amateur prepossession, and is more cager to capture Him, than to confess Him." "The first business of the Church is not to set up the Kingdom of God among men, but in men."
Forsyth here is a great tonic, I feel much better.
Your friend and Vicar,

Because our Harvest Festival Supper is on the First Monday of October, our monthly Whist Drive will be on the second Monday of the month, i.e. Oct. 14th at 7.30 p.m.

The dates of our Festival of Thanksgiving this year are Thursday, Oct. 3rd, at 7 p.m., when the service will he taken by the Rev. F. B. Knowles, of Aylburton; and on Sunday, Oct. 6th, when the address at evensong will be given by the Rev. B. Prichard, of St. John’s Church, Cinderford.

As usual we are appealing for gifts of flowers, vegetables, groceries, and coal; and of course volunteers to decorate the Church on Thursday morning from about 9.30 a..m. onwards.

Then on Monday, Oct. 7th, we this year will try and improve even further on our Supper, Sale, and Concert, at the Schools, The Supper will be at 6.30 p.m. The Sale at 7.30: and the Concert at 8.30, and admission will be 2/6 for everyone.

I would like on your behalf to most sincerely thank Mr. H. Edmunds, and Mr. W. O. Davies for putting a new door to the Coal House down at Church. Also to Mr. Lot Smith who gave us a wonderful set of hinges and spikes, etc.

Our Christmas Bazaar this year will be on the last Saturday in November at the C.of E. School. I know that some people are already doing some little things towards it. Will you who read this do some thing? or if you cannot make something will you consider giving something? And in case you say you don’t know what to give here’s a short list—knitted garments, ornaments, glass, china ware, perfumes, soap, handkerchiefs, silks, nylons, children’s clothing, toys, games, cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolates, books, Christmas Cards, Calendars, rugs, baskets, kitchen utensils, flowers, plants, poultry, fruit, eggs, foodstuffs, jam, honey, tea, coffee, etc., etc. Surely you can give something??

Our meetings recommenced on Monday, Sept. 16th, with a General Meeting. Mrs. D. Shergold was chosen as Enrolling Member; Mrs. G. Tye as Secretary, and Mrs. Cooke as Treasurer. We will be holding our meetings every 3rd Monday of the month at the C.of E. School, and of course we welcome new members.

At our General Meeting on. Sept. 11th the following officers were elected. Chairman, Mrs. Davies, The Vicarage; Secretary, Mrs. K. Miles, Woodside: and Treasurer, Mrs. Hill; Committee: Mrs. Challenger, Mrs. A. Davies, Mrs. Selby and Mrs. Pegler. It was decided that we meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month, and the first meeting to be on Oct. 2nd, at 7.30 at the C.of E. School. We extend a hearty invitation to all Young Wives under 40 years of age in the Village to come and join us.

Oct. 6th. Mrs. Davies, The Vicarage;
Oct. 13th and 20th, Mrs. A. Vaughan, Parkend Road;
Oct. 27th and. Nov. 3rd, Mrs. W. O. Davies;
Nov. l0th and 17th and 24th, Miss Worgan and Miss Still.

Collections and Number of Communicants:
Aug. 25— £5 9s. 2d. 26
Sept. 1— £4 1s. 5d. 37
Sept. 8— £2 12s. 9d. 17
Sept.15—£3 l0s. 5d. 18

Aug. 24—Arthur William Leak, of Hatfield, and Sylvia Margaret Robbins, of The Tufts.

Sept. 14—Kenneth Clifford Henry Greenway, of Berry Hill, and Betty Elizabeth May Watkins, of The Tufts.

Sept. 21—William Stuart Williams, of Wyesham, and Margaret Betty Morgan, of Parkend Road.

We are very grateful to Mr. Robert Garton who is in this country for a short holiday from South Africa, for his donation to the Church. Two years ago his father died at Bream whilst on a holiday from S. Africa.

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