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Issue Number:   May   1955

May, 1955

Vicar: The Rev. J. W. Davies, B.A. Whitecroft 376

Mrs. G. M. O'Driscoll. Whitecroft 319
Mr. W. O. Davies. Whitecroft 363

Mr. T. Morgan

8a.m. Holy Communion
10.30a.m. Matins, Address and Choral Communion
2.30p.m. Sunday School at the School
6.30p.m. Evensong and Sermon

Tuesdays, 7p.m. Evensong
First Wednesday, 12 noon Holy Communion
Thursdays, 7.30a.m. Holy Communion

7.30a.m. Holy Communion

My dear Friends,
The sun shining as I write these notes. How refreshing and enlivening it is to have sunny weather! The winter has been long and hard, and has inflicted great hardship over wide areas. We here in Bream despite the grimness of our own winter, have been very fortunate as compared with others in so many places at home and abroad. Shall we not be mindful of this, and be found faithful in Church thanking God for His blessings to us? But with the coming of better weather, we shall all move about with greater freedom, and this will, I hope, tell for good, on our Church attendances.

The prevelance of sickness in the parish has been a great anxiety. We are glad that so many friends have made a good recovery, and we pray that the others will take heart. A bracing spring and really fine summer would be a tonic to us all.

I know that the parishioners would like me, here, on their behalf, to express our sorrow as a parish at the passing of Mr. Albert Phipps. We have lost a genial, kind, and sympathetic gentleman, the type of man any church can ill afford to lose. As a parochial Church Councillor he worked hard, reliably and acceptably, and the same industry characterised him in everything he undertook in the village. We tender to Mrs. Phipps and her daughters our profound sympathy.

I would like to appeal to Church members to send their children to Sunday School regularly. In this connexion, I was struck by the words of Mr. Lewis L. Fawcett, a former Justice of the New York Supreme Court. He refers to the Church work in Sunday School, and says,"The Sunday School is the mightiest organisation in the world for good ... My experience during 36 years on the bench in which time over 4,000 boys under the age of 21 years were convicted of crime before me, of whom but three were members of Sunday Schools, has satisfied me of the value of Sunday Schools to the community in helping safe guard it ... from the development of criminals ... I regard our Sunday Schools ... as the only effective means to stem the tide of vice and crime among our youth ..."

What a wonderful tribute! What encouragement to that faithful band of Sunday School teachers who, Sunday by Sunday, serve God in His Church so faithfully.

May we all be counted faithful in His service in the task we are called to do, be those tasks even what the world calls secular: for there is no area in life exempt from the divine scrutiny and holy judgement of God.

Yours dutifully,

Apr. 10 - Paul Timothy Hirst, Forest View, Bream.
Apr. 10 - Susan Margaret Wastall, St. James' Square.
Apr. 10 - Christopher Henry Ridler, Woodside.
Apr. 10 - Graham David John, 37, Highbury Rd.
Apr. 10 - Gwyneth Sylvia Lewis, Brockhollands.

Mar. 26 - Roy Norman Samuel, of Coleford, and Shirley Maureen Rudge, of Clements End.
Apr. 2 - Thomas Alan Willetts, of Pillowell, and Patricia Ann James, of Bream.
Apr. 2 - Raymond George James, of Mile End, and Joyce Elizabeth Morse, of The Eaves.

Mar. 24 - William Rudge, Ryelands, aged 77.
Mar. 30 - Mary Kear, Clements End, aged 67.
Mar. 30 - Richard John Worgan, Blistors, aged 68.
Apr. 1 - Minnie Eliza Sillett, The Eaves, aged 73.
Apr. 2 - Thomas Lucas, Woodside, aged 79.
Apr. 9 - Ernest Johns, The Tufts, aged 58.
Apr. 18 - Albert Phipps, Highbury Villa, aged 58.

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