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Issue Number:   Nov   1954

My dear Friends,
It was an inspiring sight to see so many attend the Harvest Thanksgiving services. So too, to see the number of people who helped in decorating the Church with the lovely gifts which had been given as thank-offerings.
So many willing helpers and workers at harvest fills me with hope for our Christmas Bazaar on December 4th. There are many ladies who are — and have been actually for the past weeks—working very hard in their spare time making and collecting for this Bazaar.
What I would like to emphasize here in this letter, that these Fetes and Bazaars, etc., should be Parish functions, and not something run solely by one or two families who are willing to work, and who, it seems, the majority of people are willing to look on at them working. I ask you therefore, who read this, are you doing any thing to help this Bazaar, and hence the church, to be successful? Please do not let anything stand in your way to help. Surely you can spare something for at least one stall. Every little helps.
It should be a grand day. Besides the stalls there will be some games and sideshows
There is a job or everybody—making, collecting, helping or advertising
I pray you to assist with your prayers , and the labour of your hands and mind.
You friend and Vicar,

The Coming Bazaar: We are appealing for gifts for the various stalls. Can you please afford a gift of a tablet of soap or a handkerchief? Can you make a cake or cakes, pack a few small packets for the Lucky Dip stall, send old toys (in a reasonable condition), search out books you no longer need, make or send an article of clothing, something for the grocery or produce stalls, etc., etc.? Every little gift will help.
We must make our Bazaar a big success . So all the stalls must do their best. Pinnies and jumpers are what we need. cups and saucers, and produce please. Lindum House is the address, or at the Vicarage; which suits you best.

A little boy surprised his parents by refusing to be scared into being good ."It's no use telling the Angels will write me down in their books if I'm naughty,” he said, ‘I might as well tell you that they must think up in Heaven that I'm dead."
" But why should they think that? asked his mother."
“ Because I haven’t said my prayers for a month!"

Our Harvest Festival service went off very happily with even larger congregations than last year. When the rain came down from 5 pm. onwards on Sunday evening, I was afraid that it would have changed the minds of many people about turning out. But from what I gather the Church was more or less full. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent along gifts of fruit, vegetables, flowers and coal, and also to thank the large number of volunteers who turned up to help decorate the Church on the Thursday.
Our visiting clergy were the Reverends D. H.. Hallett, of Lydney, and E. W Brewin of Coleford. We are grateful to them for their timely messages. The Sunday School children brought “stacks” of gifts to their special service when the address was given by the Vicar.
The usual Harvest Sale was held at the C.of E. School on the Monday evening following the Festival, and thanks to Mr.Gordon Camm’s inimitable manner, everything was sold very briskly.

Remembrance Sunday this year is being observed on Nov 7th. Surely I do not have to make an appeal for its observances by attendance at the Holy Communion and Evensong at 6.30 p.m. on that Sunday.
May I also beg you to support Earl Haig’s Poppy Fund appeal through which direct assistance has been given to 750,000 ex-Service men and women since V. E. Day.

Sept 3—Miles Holcroft Firth, of Shotley, Ipswich.
Sept 26—Kathryn Ann Manns, of Priors Lodge, Bream.
Oct 3—Marie Jane Templar, of Bristol.
Sept. 4—Eric John Pritchard of Marsh Lane, and Norma Jean Brookbanks of Bream.
Sept.16— Raymond Percival Broster of Surrey and Audrey Iris Worgan, of Bream.
Sept 4—William Edward Farr, aged 72, of Trowgreen.
Sept 21—Emma Wilks, aged 83 of Hillside Bream.
Oct. 4—Henry John Hoare, aged 70, of Milkwall.
Oct. 6—Clara Cox, aged 81, of Parkend Road, Bream.
Oct.12—Sarah Musgrave, aged 82, of Stowe Farm, St. Briavels.

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