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Issue Number:   July   1954

Bream Parish Magazine
July 1954


My dear friends,
What an inspiration it was to see so many willing and smiling workers at our Carnival and Fête on Whit-Monday. It left little to be desired, and I felt proud to be Vicar of such a happy parish. Would you all please accept my sincere gratitude?
Now we have come to the quieter part of the year. Many will be enjoying the holidays they so well deserve, and our activities are closed for the most part.
It is a pity that it were not so in International Affairs. By the time this letter appears, it may be hopelessly, out of date, for events move so quickly.
Most of what happens in this sphere is beyond our control. But this does not mean that we do not have our part to play. As individuals, and as a Church, we have an important one. As individuals we have a duty (note “duty,” and not a pleasant option) to pray for those who bear responsibility of leadership and of making grave decisions—that they may be helped by our prayers. They will be strengthened by the knowledge of your prayers to God for them.
The next important place for us is that of witnessing. Don’t let anyone delude you. There is a war on, between those ‘who believe in God, who loves, directs and controls the world, and those who say that there is no God. Therefore no one can sit on the fence. Either we accept God or we reject Him. There is no neutral position. Those who believe must show this by their faith and worship. Thus the Church—the worshipping body of God—is the ready-made medium to combat Communism. So, as Christians, we show where we stand, by our witness and attendance at its services.
By our prayers and brave witness we have, and can, and will, play a very important part in the final victory which is Christ’s.
Your friend and Vicar,


The result of hard work and considerable organisation guaranteed the success of our fête this year again. It is believed that the profit will be around the £100 mark. It would be foolish of me to attempt to thank individuals, or particular groups for their excellent work. It would cause me more distress than pleasure. To me it was all the result of happy team work, and that everyone seems to be happy at the end of it is the finest thing of all.
So let it be sufficient to say, “Thank you, everyone who helped in any way by giving of money, goods, or labour.” It was a grand result, and we feel very proud of our effort.
The only complaints that I have heard were:
(1) that there was no lucky dip Bran Tub for the children. The person who made this complaint obviously was late coming in, for we had a lucky dip stall—and it was a better idea than a bran tub. Actually it was such a success under Mrs. W. O. Davies that they sold out in less than an hour, and made a profit of £8/1/8.
(2) The second complaint was that the names of the winners of different prizes were not published. It was announced time and again that all these would be drawn at 6.30 p.m. at the Treasurer’s table—as indeed they were.
So that you can see these criticisms are absolutely unfounded.
As for the winners—here they are:
Guessing the number of eggs in the box: Mr. W. Watson (14).
Guessing Mr. Evans’s weight: Mr. B. Probert (11st. 4lbs. 3ozs.)
Canteen of cutlery: Number 65, Mrs. R. R. John, 26, Hillside Estate.
Set of Guest Towels: No. 75, Mrs. Palmer, 6, Hillside Bungalows.
Nightdress Satchet: No. 79, Mrs. L. Brookbanks.
Lucky programme No. 000316: Freddy. James.
Baby’s ailment: “Ingrowing toenail” (no one guessed correctly.)
Treasure Hunt: T. Bocking.

Baby Show:—

Group I:
Aged 6—12 months:
1, Nigel Hoare, Parkend Road;
2, Elizabeth Isles, Mill Hill;
also deserving a prize were: Judith Rudge, Blakeney Hill, Anne Edwards, Hillside Estate, Graham Pitcher, Bannock Tree Farm.
Group II,
aged 12—18 months:
1, Stephen Vaughan, Highbury Road;
2, Jean Windridge, Highbury Road.
Group III,
aged 18—24 months:
1, Terry James, Hillside Estate;
2, Margaret Wilkes, Parkend Road.


(1) Tableau or group on wheels:
1, Toy Town Soldiers—Mill Hill;
2, Indian Camp—Lydney Lane;
3, Cotton Pickers—Prefabs.
(2), Walking Group (children):
1, Upside Down— Roma Miles and Joy James;
2, Peter Pan—. Robert and Betty Crote.
3, Best Dressed Individual:
1, Television—Ann Gwyn;
2, De-rationing—Lawrence Thomas.
(4), Decorated Vehicle:
1, Welcome Home— Anthony Pritchard;
2, Stirling Moss—Terry Brookes


As everyone knows, our church this month will be deprived of two staunch members, and hard workers, whom it can ill afford to lose. They are Miss Fraser and Miss Gibson. They have not been living in Bream very long, but they certainly have made their presence felt, and Bream will be a better place that they have lived here. They have worked unceasingly and voluntarily for all sorts of societies, and no one will realise the tremendous amount of work they have done, and hours they have put in, in the Church. To both of them the Church is a vital part of life.
We all owe them a great debt for all they have done in the parish. We wish them every happiness and joy in their new surrounds and pray that God will bless them.


A wedding of unusual interest to me took place in our Church on May 29th between Stuart Mcpherson, who is a faithful member and regular communicant, and Jean Morgan, our Sunday School Superintendent. Both bride and bridegroom have won the respect and affection of every Church member. A collection was taken at Sunday School, with which we bought Jean and Stuart a little gift as a token of our real regard for them.
We wish the bride and bridegroom every happiness for the future.

The Sunday School Outing: This year we are going to Porthcawl. The date is July 10th,and time of departure 8.15 a.m. from outside the Church. To those who have booked their seats— there are no more seats left!—could you please pay the Vicar, at the latest on July 4th? Last year for the Sunday School outing and for the Choir outing we left within five minutes of the stipulated time. Do please, therefore, keep, it up this year—for the buses will leave at 8.15, and we would hate to think that you paid for your seat but were not able to be there in time.
N.B.—The fare for adults is 8/4. Non Sunday School children 5/-, and Sunday School children free.

Mothers’ Union: An enrolment service was conducted by the Vicar in Church on June 14th. There were a good number of members present at the service, and five new members were enrolled.
On May 19th a bus load of our members attended the Mothers’ Union Festival at Gloucester Cathedral and thoroughly enjoyed the service.
At 3.45 we left Gloucester for Stroud, where the M.U. branch at Holy Trinity Church entertained us to a lovely tea. We were welcomed by Mrs. Bradley and the Rev. E. H. Eynon, on behalf of the Stroud Branch. After tea the Vicar and Mrs. Tye thanked our hosts, and we journeyed back through Painswick, arriving at Bream at 8 p.m. after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Empire Youth Sunday: In the afternoon of June 30th a procession of all the Sunday Schools (Breams Eaves, Parkend Road, Woodside, Clements End and ours) marched from the Schools, headed by the Bream Prize Band, to Church for a united Empire Youth Sunday service.
The Church was almost full, and the service was conducted by the Vicar. The Lesson was taken by Mr. Lunn, of Whitecroft, and the address given by Mr. Musgrave, of Lydney.
The collection (£8/l2/6) was given to the British and Foreign Bible Society.
We hope that this is only the first of many such joint efforts by our Sunday Schools.

Young Wives’ Club: Once again we all turned up in force to see how we could improve our appearances, when Mrs. Oakley, from Peter Robinson’s, Gloucester, gave another of her excellent “make-up” demonstrations, which of course we all thoroughly enjoyed.
For our other meeting—no doubt the rain kept some of the members away—those who did turn up had a good time at the Beetle Drive.

Altar Flowers: July 4th and 11th—Mrs. Brown, Mill Hill; July 18th and 25th, Mrs. Saturley.


June 6—Colin Tye, The Bungalow, Forest View, Bream.
June 6—Christina Freda Damsell, Rose Cottage, Lydney Lane.
June 6—Geoffrey Kevin Davis, The Jays, Sun Green, Bream.

May 29—Stuart Angus Macpherson and Mary Morgan, of Bream.
June 5—Trevor Sidney Beddis, of Yorkley, Lavinia Florence Sterry, of Bream.

May 22—Laura Stephens, of Cheltenham, aged 74 years.
June 3—Clifton Harold Moore, of Whitecroft, aged 55 years.
June 9—Eliza Ann Robbins, of The Miners’ Arms, aged 83 years.

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