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Issue Number:   April   1953

April, 1953 Price 3d.

Vicar: Rev. J. W. DAVIES, B.A., The Vicarage, Bream
Churchwardens: Mr. S. R. MILES. Woodside. Bream.
Mr. W. O. DAVIES, Ki Ora, New Road, Bream.
Organist: Mr. T. R. MORGAN, Pleasant View, High Street, Bream
Hon. Sec. Church Council: Miss R. GIBSON, Dale Cottage; Bream
Magazine Editor: Miss D. FRASER, Dale Cottage, Bream.

Sundays: Holy Communion: 8 a.m.
12 noon Second Sunday of the Month.
7.30 p.m. Fourth Sunday of the Month. Choral Communion: 10a.m.
Matins and Sermon: 11 a.m,
Sunday School: 2.30 p.m. at the School.
Evensong: 6.30 p.m.
Weekdays: Matins Daily: 8 a.m.
Holy Communion: 8 am. on Saints’ Days
12 noon, First Wednesday of month.
Evensong: 7 p.m. on Tuesdays.


Easter, the Queen of Festivals shines ahead of us, and that is the light that illumines all the dark places of our lives. The winter shadows are dispelled by the brightness of the Spring sunshine, and the gloom of our many frustrations is dispersed by the glorious confidence of Christian hope.
The Empty Tomb has proved Christ the Victor over sin and death. The guarantee of our own share in the ultimate triumph, is our union with Christ. Hence the importance of our Easter Communion.
And thinking of Easter, we cannot but think of many friends who were here last Easter, but have now crossed the narrow stream of death. I feel, for my part, that we have lost too many of our good Church people in the course of a year. Many of them were of the type that we can ill afford to lose—people who were staunch churchmen, dutiful in worship, and service. We shall think of them as having gone, not into a higher service, for they were in the highest service here, but as having extended opportunity of serving their Maker and Redeemer. These good souls are gone before us, and heaven must be the nearer to each one of us, because they, whom we know are there.
Such solace and comfort Easter must bring us! Heartache betimes, and loneliness creeps upon the sorrowing; to confess that is to own we are heirs of human limitations but that is not all we own. Our dear ones would bid us remember them, as Monica bade her son remember her at the Lord’s Table. And at the Lord’s Table, we shall receive our due consolation. Is it not there that we are caught up into the fellow ship of angels and archangels and all the company of heaven? And is it not there that we partake of the Life that has passed through death, and imbibe something of its own invincible power and splendour? Christ truly has conquered death, and in Him we too, are conquerors! He transmutes our sorrows into solemn joys; He enriches our life with a fellowship that seems creeping loveliness; and He brings us at the last, with our dear ones, into the heaven where we would be.
God lift up our hearts this Eastertide!
Yours in His service,

I do hope that many people will attend the services this year; The One Hour’s Devotional Service from 2-3 p.m. will be taken by Mr. Pritchard, the new vicar of Clearwell. Attending a weekday service like this, does curtail sacrifice, I know, and some degree of hardship. But surely we cannot presume to plead hardship when we think of what happened on Good Friday.
And may I make a special appeal that Good Friday be reverently and worthily observed in our midst? Sunday observance pre-supposes a proper regard for Good Friday, and I have never been able to understand the people who hold Sunday in high regard, and yet desecrate Good Friday. People who frown on the most innocent pleasures on Sunday, often have no scruples about sporting events, concerts, and plays on Good Friday. Surely there is a lack of perspective somewhere. If there is a day for the solemn exercise of religion in the course of the Church’s year, then it must be Good Friday.

Evensong on Easter Day....... will take the form of a memorial service for all those who have died during the last twelve months.

Decoration of Church for Easter Day.

We shall be grateful for any kind of flowers with which to decorate our Church for the Easter Festival. These should be brought to the Church on the Saturday morning before Easter Day, between 10 and 11 o’clock. Help in decorating the Church will be welcome.

The Churching of Women:
Since I have been in Bream we have had many Baptisms, but we have only had two Churchings. Has this godly habit died out in Bream, or are the young wives and mothers ignorant of this short but homely service?
In many parishes young mothers, accompanied by their own mothers, or better still the husband, come to Church to be Churched as a natural thing.
Of course, I know that in some cases it savoured of superstition, for cases have been known where people believed that it was unlucky to go out after childbirth unless one went to be Churched first.
But, the fact remains that there is in the Prayer Book, a short service of Thanksgiving for safe deliverance after childbirth. And this service makes provision in the revised form, for either case, that is, whether the child is alive, or has since died. The service takes less than five minutes, and is printed on a card similar to that of the Baptismal Service.
In spite of all modern methods to ensure an easy and less painful birth, the fact remains that it is still a wonderful thing, and something for which we should thank God. In most cases a new child has been born, a new soul is created, and the mother returns to her normal self. I should have thought that every mother, yes, and every father too, would desire to return God thanks for this great miracle.
I hope that all our young married people, and those intending to be married will give heed to this.

The passing of Mr. Herbert Treherne, , of Woodside, removed from the village an outstanding personality. He was not only a man of wide interests, but had pursued each interest with zeal and an intensity that was irresistible. He had been a choirboy, a member of the Parochial Church Council, and a sidesman for years; and he had always been a generous supporter of the Church. God give us more to serve the Church like him! To Mrs. Treherne, and three daughters and the son, we express a very ready and real sympathy. The noble congregation at the funeral on Saturday, March 7th, was an eloquent testimony to the regard in which the late Mr. Treherne was held.

Our Gratitude is expressed to Mrs. Edmunds, Saunders Green, for her kind and efficient work as magazine distributor for many years. She is now unable to carry on any longer, but we were fortunate that Miss Rudge volunteered to take over. We also thank all other magazine distributors for their quiet, steady discharge of their tasks.

Gifts: The other day a gift of a handsomely bound Litany Book was given by Mr. Gifford and family in memory of his wife, Elizabeth Gifford. It will be dedicated as soon as we have had it properly inscribed.

Mr. Frank Morse has also presented the Church with 100 copies of a paraphrase of Psalm 23 to be sung to Crimmond so that now we can sing this at funerals and weddings.

We assure these donors of our profound thanks, and may they be the precursors of many others. Believe me, such gifts are a great encouragement and are highly appreciated.

5th Miss Fraser
12th Miss Fraser
19th Miss Still
26th Miss Still

Feb. 22 Frank Raymond Chilton, of High St., Bream.
Feb. 22 Elizabeth Puddy, Bishopston, Bristol.

Mar. 7 Gordon Ernest Ennis, of Coalway, and Edna May Isles, of Bream.
Mar.14 John Ashton Lewis, of Bream, and Barbara Nancy Edmunds, of Brockhollands.

Feb.26 Alice Beach, of New Road, Bream, aged 82 years.
Mar. 7 Herbert Charles Treherne, Woodside, Bream, aged 73 years.
Mar.10 Thomas William Percy Brooks, of Yorkley, aged 43 years.


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