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Issue Number:   June   1948

My dear friends,
I think a parish magazine ought really to consist chiefly of notice of things which are about to happen, and of topical articles, because records of past events so easily get out of date in a monthly periodical. Nevertheless, so much of importance has happened in the past few weeks, that this number necessarily records them. Perhaps it is pardonable to look forward to a rather quieter and less eventful time in the coming month! A full account of the carnival, etc., is given elsewhere. There are just two things I want to say here. One, that I have referred as fully as possible to all that took place, but space does not allow me to refer to all individuals by name-- it would need another page, at least. Lest anybody should be hurt by feeling they have been overlooked, may I take this opportunity to assure them that any omissions are entirely accidental. Secondly , one of the most encouraging things was the feeling of team work. It was my first attempt at anything of this kind, and I am grateful indeed to all who helped me with good advice, and particularly to the members of the committee which planned everything. Almost every organisation in the village had a share, and I hope this may be the first of many occasions when all sections Of the community will get together to help one or another that is in need. It seems that there is not enough village loyalty and local pride of the right kind; one cannot but feel that, in so large a village, all our sports teams and other social organistions ought to be second to none in the forest-- and so perhaps they could be if all Bream men gave their talents first and foremost to their own village. I am always, pleased to give space in this paper to local organisations, and I do hope we shall all continue to work together to make Bream the happiest, as well as the largest, village in this county. With good wishes to you all,
Yours sincerely, Charles Vernon, vicar.

Sunday, July 25. St. James, A.M. Patronal festival. Preacher: the Rev. W. E. Joyce, formerly vicar of Bream.
Thursday, Sept. 23. Harvest Thanksgiving. Preacher at Evensong, Rev. Canon L. P. Jones, Rural Dean.
Sunday, Sept. 26. Harvest Thanksgiving. Preacher at Evensong. Rev. Canon R. P. Steer.
Sunday, Oct. 17. Dedication festival. Preacher at Evensong, Rev. B. Prime, vicar of Lydbrook


Holy Baptism
April 18.-Megan Ann Green, Coleford Road.
May 16.-Michael Sidney Stratford, 3 Parkend Road.
May 16.-Henry John Cole, Bromley House, New Road, ,

Holy Matrimony
May 17.-Royston Edwards (Woodside) and Audrey Patricia Hancocks (The Eaves).
May 17.-Edward Henry Hoare (Clement's End) and Kathleen Iris Winifred Hancocks (The Eaves) .

May 5.-Elizabeth Williams, The Tufts, aged 80.
May 9.-Elizabeth Mary Thomas, The Eaves, aged 75.
May 16.-Richard Miles, Mill Hill, aged.74.

At Bream Parish Church on Monday, April 26, by the Lord Bishop of Gloucester:-
Robert Cook, Graham Lambert, Cyril Miles, John Peachey, Leonard Preest, Michael Preest, Anthony Preest, Terence Preest, Joyce Baker, May Bath, June Cole, Marlene Cole, Katherine Cook, Joan Crote, May Edmunds, Annie Greenman, Kathleen Higgins, Patricia Lewis, Christine Martin, Joan Thomas, Bernice Turner, Jennifer Tye, Joyce Voss, Betty Watkins, Margaret Watkins, Irene Williams.

May 2nd. Rogation Sunday. Members or the Order of Buffaloes from many local lodges joined the Vernon lodge of Bream, and marched in procession (led by the Coleford silver band) through the village to the church to attend evensong. There was already a large congregation at church, and it was only by using every available chair and bench that all were seated-though even then it was not possible to find room for the members of the band. Though the vicar is not yet officially padre to the R.A.O.B., it was a very successful "unofficial" parade, and we were pleased to welcome so many visitors at a most enoyable service. Lessons were read by Mr. T. Marshall and Mr. W. 0. Davies.

Sacred concert.
On the evenjng of Sunday, May 9th, the Bream Miners' Welfare cinema was kindly lent by the committee and a concert of sacred music was given by the mixed and male voice choirs, under the leadership of Mrs. W. O. Davies. Solos were sung by Miss Margaret Vedmore, Mr. Rowe Vedmore and Master John Dyall. The general standard of singing was very high, and the songs were greatly appreciated. A film (The Ware Case) was shown afterwards, to compete the programme. Over £12 was raised for church funds.


Fine weather is one of the most important factors, on such an occasion as this, and we were indeed fortunate to have brilliant sunshine all day on Whit-Saturday. About 900 people attended during the day, and Viscount and Viscountess Bledisloe were made very welcome on their visit to Bream-the first for some years. The show opened with the carnival, for which there was a numerous and colourful entry of grown-ups as well as children; the procession, led by the Parkend band, proceeded through the village streets to the field, and all arrangements were admirably carried out by the Bream branch of the British Legion. Major and Mrs. Percival judged the entrants, and results were as follows:-
Best single character-boys: Clifford Batten, Bryan Gwynne, Raymond Gwynne. Girls: Loraine Williams, Bernice Turner, Wendy James.
Couples: Kathleen Jones and Betty Crote; Kathleen Higgins and June Crote; Shirley Royal and Jennifer Tye.
Best bicycle: David Nicholls.
Single adult characters: Mrs. H. Vaughan and Mrs. J. Peachey.
Mounted: Robert and Bryan Yarworth.
Decorated vehicle: Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Yarworth and Derek.
Group: the Kentucky mongrels- Mrs. L. Smith, Mrs. E. Adams, Mrs, A. Higgins, Mrs. W. Williams, Miss G. Morgan, Messrs. D. Adams, W. Williams and A. Higgins.
All the usual side-shows were represented, and were well organised by members of the local lodge of the R.A.O.B., assisted by Army cadets.
Space does not permit the inclusion of a full list, but Messrs. T. W. Batten, H. Lewis, D. Adams, A. Higgins and G. Camm were all kept busy as also were Mesdames W. Lambert and F. Brain at the lemonade stall.

Teas and refreshments were served in the marquee by members of the Church Council, Women's Institute and Girl Guides, who, worked hard (with the assistance of Mr. R. Beach behind the scenes at the Cookhouse) at what must have been the warmest job of the day. Mesdames G. Tye, J. P. O'Driscoll, A. E. Edmunds, W. O. Davles., W. Brookbanks, R. Finnemore, G. Davies and H. Potter, and the Misses D. A. Fraser and R. A. Gibson were responsible. After the carnival, the Parkend band, led by Mr. F. Brown, played selections on the field, and music, as well as announcements, was later provided by loudspeaker by the Forest Battery Service. The Bream A.F .C. were responsible for the six-a-side soccer competition. Brockweir A., St. Briavels, Bream R.F.C., Family Favourites, Aylburton, Brockweir B, "Drones" and "Spivs" all entered teams, and Brockweir A. beat the "Spivs" in the final. Sports were organised by Bream R.F.C. and attracted good entries; it was unfortunate that there was not sufficient time for more events.
80 yards, boys under 14: R. Cook, N. James, B. Lewis.
80 yards, girls.; K, Lee, Y. Preece, M. Morse.
Girls' wheelbarrow: M. James: and D. Chiswell, M. Gwynne and P. Thomas, W. Gwynne and M. Cole.
Boys' three-legged: R. Meek and B. Meek, B, Beach and R. Meek, W. Wa.rd and R. Chiswell.
Girls' three-legged: T. Watkins and G. James, P. Thomas and M. Gwynne, M. Cole and W. Gwynne.
100 yards, boys (14-18) : N. Brain, R. Brice, J. Davey.
100 yards, adults: R. Edwards, D. Adams, J. Edmunds.
Many attempts were made to guess the vicar's weight (at 2d. a try). In the end, seven people tied (all being half a pound out) , and the winner was decided by seeing which could most nearly guess his age. Mrs. W. Lambert was successful. (The correct weight was 12 st. 13 lbs.). In the space that is available, it is not possible to give a more detailed report than this. Our best thanks are due to Mr. W. Preest, for the loan of his field, and to Mr. Horsley and Mr. Adams for many neighbourly acts of kindness - to all who gave such generous contributions to provide refreshment and to all who gave their time and their services; it was a great effort of team-work, but mention has been made of that in the vicar's letter. As soon as the accounts are ready, they will be published and exhibited in the village. We feel sure that the show was as successful financially as it was socially.

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