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Issue Number: 228  March   1939

Bream Parish Magazine. March 1939

Wed. Mar. 1 —Evensong, 6.30 p.m.
Sun.5 - 2nd Sunday in Lent. Holy Communion, 8 & 11.45 a.m. Children’s Service, 3 p.m.
Wed. 8 - Evensong, 6.30 p.m.
Sun. 12 - 3rd Sunday in Lent. Holy Communion, 8 a.m.
Children’s Service, 3 p.m.
Mon. 13—M.U. Meeting at Schools, 7 p.m.
Wed. 15 —Evensong, 6.30 p.m. Admission of four new M.U. members.
Sun. 19—4th Sunday in Lent.
Mothering Sunday.
Holy Communion, 8 am.
Choral Eucharist, 11 a.m.
Family Service, 3 p.m.
Wed.22—Evensong, 6.30 p.m.
Sun.26—Passion Sunday
Holy Communion, 8 a.m.
Children’s Service, 3 p.m.
Holy Communion after Evensong
Wed. 29—Evensong, 6.30 p.m.

On Wednesday Evensongs the Collections will (I hope) be given towards the Bishop’s Appeal for Church Schools.
At the Family Service on Mothering Sunday the Collection will be added to that of last year (17/-) and used to purchase something which is needed in the Church.
No flowers are used on the Altar during Lent. During April, except on Palm Sunday, the flowers will he arranged by Mrs. Morris.

Greta Vaughan, 2; Ivor Windridge, 30;
Jean Lucas, 3 ; Margaret Lucas, 3 ; Shirley Rudge, 2; Joan Saturley, 6; Ernest Morgan, 1; Grace Morgan, 1;

Bell Ringer. Sidesmen.
Peter Shingles
Boy—David Hodges
Girl—Betty Watkins

1st S.—Ivor Windridge
2nd S.—Jack Webb
3rd S.—Godfrey Meek
4th S.—Jimmy Edmunds

Lesson Readers.
1st S.—Pamela Downham
2nd S.—Beryl Teal
3rd S.—Vivian Vaughan
4th S.—Elsie Voyce
For the Collection.
1st S.—Doreen Dobbs and Betty Dobbs
2nd S. —Basil Vaughan and Frank Rowe
3rd S.—David Rudge and Harold Watkins
4th S—Mary Ford and Margaret Lucas

Hymn Board.
Michael Hirst

1St S.— Myrtle B and Joan Johns
2nd S.—Jimmy Edmunds and David Price.
3rd S.— 4th S.—Hazel Moore and Audrey Hancocks.

“ A Member of Christ.”
Jan. 29—Peter George, son of Wilfred and Hilda Richards.

“ Heirs together in the Grace of Life.”
Jan. 28—Kenneth Stanley Cook and Alice Emily Jones.
Feb. 18—Walter Thomas Richard Wildin and Dora Essie Worgan.

There were many persons whose presence I missed at the Annual Meeting, but none more than Mr. W. Vaughan and Mr. J. Havers. They are both away ill. Mr. Vaughan has a long record of services to Bream Church, and we look forward to the time when he will return to us able to resume his activity. During the past year, owing to continued ill-health I was deprived in some measure of his. co-operation as Church warden. Mr. J. Havers is under treatment in Gloucester Infirmary. He too has been suffering from ill-health for some months, and we wish him a speedy return to good health.
Mr.Watson, after a long and faithful stewardship as People's Warden asked to be relieved of his duties as Churchwarden, but we are not losing his services altogether, for he has been appointed Treasurer to the Parochial Church Council, an office involving responsibility and great business acumen.
Mr. Marshall, a Church stalwart for many years, takes over with Mr. Morris the duties of Church wardenship: So the guidance of the Church for yet another twelve months is in reliable hands.
The Parochial Church Council is smaller in size and includes two new names, those of Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Morgan, whom we welcome.
A full report of the Meeting has already appeared in the local Press, so I do not propose to give full details again here.
I should however like to refer to a garbled account which appeared in one of the Daily Papers under the heading "Allows Hide and Seek in Church" It seems a pity that more care is not-taken to ensure the accuracy of all the news that is printed, for the circulation of stupid inaccuracies do not enhance the prestige of a paper.
Another Daily Paper rang me up on Sunday afternoon, and in consequence were able to give a proper explanation of the so-called" Hide and Seek" incident.

I would refer my readers to the reports in the Lydney Observer and the Weekly Argus for any further information.
If there still remains any doubt in your minds as to the conduct at Children's Services may I suggest that you attend one or more of these Services and judge for yourselves. We already have several adults who regularly attend, and take a great interest in what the children do. I should like to repeat my invitation to you all to join me and your Parochial Church Council in a real effort to bring back some of the ancient glory of our Church Worship, and to rebuild our Church life. I will say again what I said at the Annual Meeting, "I feel sure, with help and support and an absence of difficult criticism, we have the possibilities and the probabilities of a very successful year in front of us"
Amongst those who were included in my "comprehensive vote of thanks" I should like to mention one person in particular. I refer to Mr.Percy Dandy who has most generously supported our Church during the past year, and to whom I would convey our thanks.
I was thinking of him when I wrote of the ancient glory of our Church worship. There were oil-lamps then, not the present brightness of electric light. There are many people today living in Bream who remember those days, and I invite them to play their part now in helping to restore some of the activity and interest, an interest which is still shared by their old friend Percy Dandy.

This was held at the Vicarage on two successive evenings, Friday and Saturday, February 10th and 11th, the Juveniles on Friday and the Adults on the following evening. I would like to express the choir's thanks to all those who contributed towards the good fare provided and to those ladies who very kindly gave their services and waited on them. We were glad to welcome those who so kindly helped us and willingly gave us their help when we gave a rendering of the Sacred Cantata, and they proved to be most versatile. Except for the guests just mentioned, no personal invitations were sent out, and the notification of the date of tHe Supper was included in the Kalendar for February.

I should like to draw your attention to one of the announcements of the cover of this Magazine. "Cases of Sickness should be promptly reported to the Vicar."
I should be grateful if this were done more often,as it sometimes happens that illness occurs and I have no knowledge of it, and am perhaps blamed because I do not call. Please let me know and I will do my best to call and make enquiries and help in any way that I can.

BAPTISM ANNIVERSARY during the month. Joyce Watkins Mar. 24 Passion Sun.

BURIAL ANNIVERSARIES during the month.
Thomas Glastonbury.......1933 Sun. Mar. 5
Mary Ann Hoare...........1931 Sun. Mar. 12
Daisy Wildin.............1932
Oliver Downes............1933
Albert Price.............1933
Thomas Ward..............1933
Richard Wildin...........1934
Diana Worgan.............1935
Hubert Mudway ...........1935
Ada Jones................1935
Thomas Jenkyns...........1935
Esme Cole................1936
Emily Tuffin.............1936
Henry Addis..............1936
Peter Nash...............1936
Thomas Nelmes............1937
Isaiah Watkins...........1937
Henry Combs..............1937
Alice Holloway...........1938 Sun. Mar. 19
William Baker............1938
William Kear.............1938
Sarah Lee................1932 Sun. Mar. 26
Esther Worlike...........1932
Michael Lucas............1935
I would suggest that these anniversaries be observed in the cases of Baptisms on the Sundays as indicated at Children's Service.
The Burial Anniversaries should be observed at Evensong on the Sundays indicated by the relatives, and the names of the persons remembered will be read before the Prayer for the Faithful Departed.
I shall be glad if readers of the magazine will draw the attention of relatives to this arrangement and invite them to attend Evensong on the appointed Sunday as an act of remembrance.

The collections at Children's Services during Lent (except on Mothering Sunday) will be given as usual to the Waifs and Strays.
Mr. J. Havers, who has been obliged to give up his duties of acting as Secretary, has asked Miss Elaine Vaughan to take his place, and I am very glad to welcome her as his successor. Sunflower Day has been arranged for Saturday, 29th April, when I hope you will all buy a Sunflower.

Please give your instructions to Mr. R. Lodge or myself for this work to be done as soon as possible. Please note that no returfing can be undertaken during the week prior to Palm Sunday.

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