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Issue Number: 219  Jun   1938

Vicars Letter

Ascension Day.

I have been privileged during the past month to have been in communication with an old parishioner, whom many of you may remember. I refer to Mr. Percy Dandy brother of the late Canon Dandy. He writes in one of his letters: "It is many years since I was in the Forest, but I am over seventy and dare not take the journey now. I used to trim the old paraffin lamps and they made the dear old church look brighter. I suppose you have electric lights to beautify the interior now.
I have always had a warm heart for Bream, and, like my mother, enjoyed the quiet rest. In my time my brother had Yorkley and the Firs to work, and when I was with him I used to have a lantern to carry me safely along in the darkness of the night."

In another letter, referring to the Ladies v. Gentlemen cricket match, he says: " I remember the cricket match, for I trained the ladies to use the bat. We had practice in the meadow at the back of the house, I still have the photo of the teams."

Mrs. Shingles of Parkend Road, has a similar photo, which I have seen. It is difficult to recognise some of the players, some of whom are living in Bream now.

Some of you may enjoy these reminiscences.

Your sincere friend and Vicar,


It is along time since there has been occasion to record so many deaths in the short space of one month. I would like to extend to all their relatives our deepest sympathy.
It is not for long that Clare Ridler returned to Bream to live. I remember well when her husband "passed over," and now they are together again. "Requiescat in pace"

It is always - it seems to be, at any rate - a terrible blow when God reclaims a childs life. He has done so twice last month, by the deaths of tiny Ann Haggitt and little Glyn Stone. May I say two things; God loves little innocent children as much as we do, perhaps more, and God knows best.

The accident which befell Jabez Carpenter brings home to us all the daily risk which is the lot of an underground worker, and the debt we owe to the collier for the risks he runs for us. Sacrifice, and this means a making sacred. There is a great affinity between a collier's work, and the work of Jesus Christ. "Requiescat in pace"

Emma Baggus, too, has gone to join her life partner, after a parting which lasted for eleven years. She had been a great sufferer for some considerable time before her death.

Edward Parson for some years a resident of Blackwood, was brought from there to his old parish for his last resting place. He died in hospital there. He was well known to many in Bream, but not to me.

THE ENGLISH BIBLE. 1538 - 1938
We celebrate on the 19th June (1st Sunday after Trinity) the four hundredth anniversary of the setting up of the English Bible by Royal Authority in the churchs of England. The celebration will most worthily be kept by an Act of Thanksgiving to God in our church for his gift of the Bible in our mother tongue.
Evensong, on that Sunday therefore, will take the form of such an Act of Thanks-giving. Miss Molly Leaper, a well known and celebrated contralto, will sing at the service, and will help us mark the day in a special way. The service will begin at 6 p.m. This will, I hope, enable members of the British Legion, who are holding a Rally here on that Sunday evening, to be represented at the service, I am also inviting the branches who are visiting Bream for the Rally to attend the service also.


Bell Ringer.
Kenneth Davies

Boy, - Richard Beach
Girl, - Edna Sales

1st S. - Jack Webb
2nd S. - Royston Morgan
3rd S. - Godfrey Meek
4th S. - Ivor Windridge

Lesson Readers.
1st S. - Rita Price
2nd S. - Vivian Vaughan
3rd S. - Chrissie Meek
4th S. - Pamela Downham

For the Collection.
1st S. - Betty Watkins and Trixie Batten
2nd S. - Brian Johnson and Clive Vaughan
3rd S. - May Edmunds and Sheila Miles
4th S. - Basil Vaughan and Trevor Vaughan

Hymn Board.
Cyril Brain.


13th May, 1938
I need hardly assure you how pleased I was to receive from your Parochial Treasurer a cheque for £6 4s. 9d. the proceeds of various collections made on the Society's behalf in your parish. I have had pleasure in sending our official receipt to Mr. Watson, but would like to take this opportunity of expressing to you personally, our appreciation for all that you did to ensure this support being given to our cause for the children.
The Flag Day was,we feel, very successful, and I have written to thank Mr. Havers for all that he did in connection with this special effort.
The support which is given to us by your parishioners year after year is indeed encouraging.

With all good wishes,
Yours Sincerely,
W. R. Vaughan. Secretary.

" Members of Christ"

May 18 - Winifred Jean Ann, daughter of William and Ivy Miles
May 22 - Heather, daughter of Horace and Gladys Lucas

" The care of them is with the Most High"

April 30 - Clara Mary Ridler, aged 77 years.
May 3 - Ann Haggitt, aged 1 day.
May 4 - Jabez Carpenter, aged 52 years.
May 5 - Emma Baggus, aged 72 years.
May 7 - Glyn Stone, aged 2 years.
May 21 - Edward Parsons, aged 64 years.

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