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Issue Number: 205  April   1937

30th March, 1937.

My dear Friends,
The issue of this Magazine has been delayed to enable me to include a record of the Easter Services. I wish first to express my earnest thanks to the worshippers on Easter Sunday for their very generous offerings, which amounted to £5/8/5, a considerable increase on last year’s amount. There were 23 more Communicants than at the previous Easter; in fact, I think all Services were better attended. I am certain that many, with me, will feel encouraged by the growing number of worshippers and will pray that the progress of our Church life may be sustained.
Your sincere friend and Vicar,

Miss Williams, 1/ - ; Miss Young, 1/ - ; Mr. J. R. Worgan, 2/- ; Mr. and Mrs. Morris, 2/ -;
Mrs. Price, 1/- ; Mr. Carpenter, 1/-; Mr. G. Hughes, 1/6 ; Mrs. G. Cooper, 1/-; Mrs.Watkins, 1/- ; Mr. and Mrs. G Meek, 2/-; Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Davies, 2/6; Mrs Stratton,2/6; Mr. Norris, 2/-; Mr. Royal, 2/-; Mr. and Mrs. Watson, 2/6; Mr. A. Parr,2/-; Miss Searle, 2/ - ; Mrs. Gatfield, 2/6 ;Mr. Watkins, 2/- ; Mrs.Tansell, 2/- ; Mr. and Mrs. Lambert,1/6 ; Mrs. F. Davies, 1/-;Mrs. Christopherson,10/- ; Mrs. Oulton, 1/-. Total -£2/9/0.
Of this there is a balance of £2 which will be paid in to the Church Treasurers towards the Juvenile Outing Fund. A very large number of friends gave in kind, and to the above subscribers and them I tender on behalf of the whole Choir a very big thank you.

This will he held on Sunday, May ninth at Evensong. Special Forms of Service will be provided, and the occasion provides an opportunity for the Parish as a whole to reunite in a great act of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the blessing of a peaceful England. The Bream Silver Band have promised their attendance and services, and I should like to extend here an invitation to all organized bodies in Bream to join with us on that Sunday.
Messrs. Horsley & Son have kindly under taken to flood-light the Church for the whole of Coronation week; this has been made possible by the generosity of the West Gloucestershire Power Co. Ltd. supplying free current.

I have been requested by the Coronation Committee to give the following information.
The Coronation Souvenirs for those children in the Bream area who are under school age will only be reserved if their parents have given in their names to the Head Teachers of the respective School before May 11th.
This also applies to those children who have left School either last Christmas or last Easter, if their names are given in before May 11th.
The Souvenirs will be distributed to all those entitled on May 11th, the day before the Coronation Ceremony.
Boys and Girls in the area, attending the Craft School or Lydney Grammar School or leavers as above, are asked to conform to the same conditions.

On the morning of Maundy Thursday there was an early Celebration and an Easter preparation service in the evening.
The Three Hour service from 12 noon to 3 p.m. on Good Friday is deeply devotional and meets a real need. There was a very reverent spirit and the number present was encouraging. The Evening service concluded a solemn day.
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week the Gospel was read in parts. Monday, by girls attending Lydney Grammar School - Phyllis Parr, Joyce Worgan, Audrey Windsor, Elizabeth Jones, Joyce Overington and Mary Watson.
Tuesday, by boys of the C. of E.. School - Royston Morgan, Ramsey Cooper and Ivor Windridge.
Wednesday, by girls of the Council School – Ivy Brice, Helen Baker, Elsie Moore, Daphne Ward, Chloe Tansill, Joyce Phipps, Sylvia Wildin, Peggy Landsdowne, Jean Saturley, Daisy Ellway. The reading was excellent - all did very well.
Thanks are due to the Choir for their part in the Easter Day Services. The choir’s rendering of Anthem” They Have Taken Away Mv Lord” (J. Stainer) was much appreciated. The singing of the solo parts was specially good - those taking part were Miss Parr, Mr. J. Nelmes and Mr. W. Lambert. Godfrey Meek, Cross-bearer was very reverent in his duties.
Mr. Goode excellently carried out the duties of organist. The sanctuary looked very beautiful with flowers provided and arranged by Mr. C. R. Jones, and, Mrs. A. Vaughan arranged the Altar flowers. The pulpit was nicely decorated by Miss White. The Font looked very bright – the work of Mrs. Dobbs, Miss Trewin and Mrs. N. Preest. The Lectern was handsomely done by Mrs. Parr and her daughter Phyllis. The Childrens Corner was arranged by Miss G. Cowles and Miss J. Worgan. We are truly grateful to all above for their willing labour of love.

“ Members of Christ”
Mar. 21 - Hazel Helen Jane, daughter of Albert and Eliza Morris.
Mar. 28 – Ivan Laurence James, son of Laurence and Freda Jefferies.

“ Heirs together in the Grace of Life”
Feb. 27 – Henry Frances Pitman and Dorothy Watkins.
Mar. 27 – Ralph Dowle and Emily Louisa Kear.
Mar. 27 – John Williams and Alice Muriel James.
Mar. 29 – William Henry Marston and Marjorie Ellen Morgan.
Mar. 29 – Stanley John Haggitt and Mona Molly Preest.

" The care of them is with the Most High"
Mar. 10 - Thomas Stephen Nelmes, aged 51 years.
Mar. 17 - Isiah Watkins, aged 68 years.
Mar. 24 - Henry Coombes, aged 45 years

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