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Issue Number: 166  Jan   1934


Church of St. James

VICAR; Rev. Arthur M. Parr B.A. The Vicarage

CHURCHWARDENS; Mr. W. A. Vaughan, Mr. W. Watson

SIDESMEN; Messrs. J. Beal, W. Cooper, R. M. Davies, H. J. Davies, , G. Hughes, W. C. Lambert
F. Macfarlane, T. Marshall. F. Preest, G. W. Royal, W. A. Thomas, F. J. Watkins, J. R. Worgan, G. Wintour.

Mr. W. Watson, Mrs. Parr.

FINANCE COMMITTEE; Messrs. H. J. Davies, W. A. Vaughan,, W. Watson, F. J. Watkins.

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL; The Vicar (Chairman), The Churchwardens, The Lay Representatives, on the D. & R. D. Conferences.
Elected; Messrs J. Beal, W. Cooper, H. J. Thorne, H. J. Davies, T. Marshall, G. Royal, F. J. Watkins, Mrs. W. J. Carpenter, Mrs. W. Davies, Mrs. M. Gifford, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Morris, Miss G. I. Robinson, Miss D. A. Worgan.
Hon. Secretary; Mr. H. J. Davies

ORGANIST; Mr. H. J. Thomas



Bream Vicarage,
31st December, 1933

My dear Friends,
This year 1933 can hardly be said to to have been the most successful of years. Tomorrow we shall start afresh. It will be an opportunity for all of us to benefit ourselves and others, learning from past experiences, and as far as we are able to make our lives better and happier, and the lives of others, so far as we are able.
Life is difficult, very difficult sometimes, but life was meant to be good, as good as we can possibly make it. For the last month my health has been far from good, and I have been prevented from doing a great many thing s I ought to have done, and I should like to make an apology to many sick peaple who may have missed my visits lately. I hope to make amends early in the New Year.
Wishing all my readers a very happy New Year.
Your friend and Vicar,

No matter whether the weather is what we call seasonal or not, there is one thing about Christmas Day which never changes. There were many in this Parish who started Christmas Day in the best possible way, by coming to Holy Communion, and the two early celebrations were well attended. The Church had been decorated. The flowers on the High altar which, on the day and during all the month, were provided and arranged by Mrs. C. Jones, made the Sanctuary look beautiful.
For the first time for many years the pulpit was decorated by other hands than those of Mrs. White, who you all know is ill, and Mrs. Trewin took her place.
The Font had been decorated by Mr. and Mrs. Morris; the lectern by Mrs. Parr and her daughter . Miss Bowles sent a large supply of evergreens and holly and white flowers. Holly had also been obtained from the Forestry Commission. The last Service on Christmas Day was a celebration of Holy Communion at mid-day.
After this came the usual family gatherings when I hope all enjoyed themselves.


"Members Of Christ"

Dec. 10......... Colin David, son of Reginald and Alice Wicks.
Dec. 10......... Margaret Patricia, daughter of Andrew and Ethel Vaughan.
Dec. 27......... Rita Pamela, daughter of Charles and Bertha Williams.
Dec. 27......... Joan Ann, daughter of Edith Saturley.

" Heirs together of the grace of Life"

Dec. 21.......... George Tye and Emma Florence Blower.
Dec. 23.......... Charles Frederick Wilkins and Margery Ann Voyce.
Dec. 26.......... Ernest Benjamin Ford and Matilda Alberta James.

"The care of them is with the Most High"

Nov. 26........ Caleb Jenkins, aged 81 years.
Nov. 30........ Oliver Henry Thomas, aged 61 years.
Dec. 3.......... Thomas Alfred Henry Challenger, aged 34 years.
Dec. 21........ Jane Peglar, aged 71 years.
Dec.21......... Elizabeth Birt, aged 74 years.

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