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Issue Number: 69  December   1925


No. 69 December 1925

Vicar: Rev. Wm. J. Joyce, A. K. C; The Vicarage.
Church Wardens: Mr. E. C. Maurice, Mr. A. E. Downes.

Sidesmen: Messrs. J. Beal, H. J. Davies, T. Dufty.
W. C. Lambert, G. W. Royal, C. F. Thomas,
S. Thomas, W. Thomas, F. Watkins, J. R. Worgan.

Lay Representatives On Diocesan and R. D. Conferences:
Mr. A. E. Downes.

Parochial Church Council: The Vicar (Chairman). Mr. E. C. Maurice(Vice Chairman).

Ex - Officio: The Church Wardens and the Lay Representatives on Diocesan and R. D. Conferences.

Elected: Messrs. J. Beal, H. J. G. Davies, T. Dufty, H. O. Grant, C. F. Thomas, W.A. Thomas, Mrs. Jones,
Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Royal, Miss Kear, Mrs. Trewin, Miss G. M. Trewin, Miss Williams.

Co-Opted: Mr. G. W. Royal.

Hon. Secretary: Mr. H. O. Grant.

Organist: Mr. W. T. G. Gegg.

Choir: Messrs. Grant, E. C. Hyde, E. Hyde, S. Jones, Kent, Morgan, Mullan, Poulton, F. Thomas, and 14 Boys.
(The practice is held on Wednesdays at 7.30p.m.)

Altar Flowers: Mrs. Downham, Mrs. R. Jarrett, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. MacFarlane, Mrs. O'Driscoll, Mrs. Watkins
Mrs. Bowles, Mrs. Kear, Miss Marshall, Miss N. Watkins, Miss Williams, Misses Worgan.

C. E. M. S. : Lay Chairman:
Hon. Secretary: Mr. C. F. Thomas.

Girl Guides: Captain: Mrs. Joyce.
Lieutenants: Miss French, Miss Gardner.
(Tuesdays 6.30 p.m.)

S. James Burial Club: Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. R. Worgan.
(2nd Monday at 7.30 p.m. at the Schools)

Magazine Distributors: Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Gale, Mrs. Davies, Mrs. MacFarlane, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Skipp, Mrs. S. Thomas,
Mrs. W. Thomas, Mrs. Baker, Miss Blower, Miss Bowles, Miss Gardner.
Hon. Secretary: Mr. H. Davies.

Free Will Offering Fund: Mr. W. Watson(Hon. Treasr.); Mrs. MacFarlane,(Hon. Secretary).

Parish Clerk & Church Cleaner: Mr. R. Lodge.

Sexton: Mr. T. Benson.

A meeting was held on Monday October 26th, at 6.30 p.m. at the Schools, under the Chairmanship of the Vicar. Mr. E. C. Maurice was elected Vice Chairman in the place of Mr. Osmaston, who has left the parish. The resignation of Miss Jarrett, as a a member of the Council, was accepted with regret. A lengthy discussion took place concerning the payment of burial fees, it being reported that the grave digger was sometimes compelled to wait for some weeks, and, in some cases, months before receiving payment for his work, and it was felt that this pressed hardly upon him especially when it was necessary for him to lose a shift from his work. It was unanimously decided that in future the charges for the excavation of the grave be paid when notice of intended interment was given and that the remainder of the fee be paid within one week of the interment.

The report of the Sale of Work Committee recommended the postponement of the Sale to a more convenient period was adopted.

It was agreed to fix a new Notice Board near the entrance to the Church giving a complete list of the services, as soon as funds permit. This was considered necessary so that the Summer visitors to Bream might know the times of the services.

The Vicar submitted specimens of Almanacks for 1926 which he had obtained. The majority of the Council favoured one published by Messrs. Mowbray & Co. which has as its central picture "The Holy Incarnation."

The Vicar stated that he had been informed that it was not in order for the Managers of the Day School to co-opt the two representative managers, but that it would be in order for the Church Council, in the absence of a body of subscribers to the School Funds, to appoint such managers so long as it may grant to the Day School from Church Funds. The Church Schools Association, recently for Diocese, would no doubt go into this question, and pending a decision he asked the Council to confirm the appointment of Mr. A. J. Batten and Mr. E. C. Maurice, until the expiration of the triennial period in September 1927. This was accordingly done. The question of the War Memorial in the Church was held over until the next meeting. After various minor matters had been discussed the meeting was closed with the Benediction.

" Those whom God has joined let no man put asunder."

Nov. 2 - Edmund Constant Hyde and Ella Maud Gillard.

" Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Nov. 2 - Elizabeth Harris, aged 77 years.
Nov. 4 - Sarah James, aged 72 years.
Nov. 7 - William Ridler, aged 75 years.

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