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Issue Number:   Aug   1914


The much-needed renovation of the interior of the Church, which was postponed last year on account of the repairs which were obliged to be done to the roof, has at last been carried out. The Church Council entrusted the work to Messrs. Conway Jones and Co., of Gloucester, who have completed their contract in a very satisfactory manner. The stone work has been cleaned, the wood in the roof washed and the walls coloured. The work has been somewhat expensive, but it was thought desirable to have the work well done as it would be cheaper in the end. The walls were treated with a new and costly preparation before the colouring was put on in order to prevent any peeling and fading of the colour. Mr. Conway Jones himself came over to inspect the work and suggested some finishing touches to the windows and doors, which are a decided improvement. It has also been decided to complete the Reredos by panelling the east end wall on both sides of the altar with oak. Miss Bowles and Mrs. Tyler very kindly offered �10 towards the cost of this if it were done, and the Church Council accepted their offer in the hope that the Communicants would specially help. As Mr. Bell, of Cumberland, carved the Reredos it was felt that it would be best for him to do the work, and, in fact, his tender was less than that of other firms who were written to about the matter. It was at one time hoped that the work would be finished before the visit of the Bishop on July 5th; but it was impossible for it to be done in so short a time. In all probability it will be finished in about a month's time. Although this will complete the Reredos, it is hoped that at some future time we shall be able to panel the walls on both sides of the East End within the Altar Rails with oak. The renovation of the Church and the oak panelling will cost at least �65. Towards this we have the balance in the Churchwardens' Account, the �10 promised, and Mr. Dodgshon has kindly promised �2. All Communicants are specially asked to help with the oak panelling, and contributions may be handed to the Vicar or to either of the Churchwardens. It is greatly to be desired that all who will help us to raise the money will send in their contributions as soon as possible. We cannot keep Messrs. Conway Jones and Co. or Mr. Bell waiting for their money and, therefore, shall be obliged to borrow from the Bank if money is not forthcoming at once, and this will, of course, mean that interest must be paid on the amount borrowed.

The Bible Class which Mrs. Watkins held with such great success has been without a Teacher for some months, but now Mr. Saint has very kindly undertaken the work. The Class is held in in the School every Sunday afternoon at 2.30, and is for boys who have left the Day School. It is hoped that the Class will soon be as large as it was before Mrs. Watkins was obliged to give it up.

The above Club holds its Meetings in the School every second Monday evening in the month, except Bank Holidays, at 7.30, and is open to men and women between the ages of fifteen and fifty.

Feb. 1st.-Marion Kathleen, daughter of Percival Augustus and Edith Grace Baldwin, Bream, motor man.
Feb. 2nd.-Dennis William, son of William and Matilda Watkins, Bream, collier.
Feb. 18th.-Albert Stanley, son of William Fredk. and Louisa Hill, Parkend Road, collier.
Feb. 24th.-Brindley Lewis, son of Hubert and Gwendoline Teague, Woodside, collier.
Feb. 28th.-Charles, son of George and Nellie Pilditch, Lydney Road, trammer.
Mar. 5th.-Annie Hilda, daughter of Arthur Herbert and Mary Jane White, Bream's Groves, collier.
Mar. 21st.-Harry, son of Henry and Rose James, Mill Hill, collier.
Mar. 28th.-Matilda Maud, Clarence Warren, Doris May, and Winifred Jane, children of George and Elizabeth Hancock, Glencoe Villa, collier.
April 2nd.-Norman Frank, son of George Albert and Mary Elizabeth Kear, Ash Cottage, labourer.
April 5th.-Esther Clementina May, daughter of Eli and Ellen Dobbs, The Langetts, carpenter.
April 19th.-Alice Eileen, daughter of George William and Sarah Alice Meek, Woodside, collier.
April 29th.-Ursula Mabel, daughter of Cecil Edward and Florence Annie Stevens, Ash Cottage, collier.
May 14th.-Jessie Helena, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Clements, Brockhollands, collier.
May 20th.-Cyril Stanley, son of Thomas Samuel and Maud Ellen Marshall, Bream, collier.
May 23rd.- Joan Eileen, daughter of George Frederick John and Martha Mary Elizabeth Pegler, Mill Hill, collier.
May 24th.-Walter Charles Henry, son of Walter Asgill and Mary Jane Bullock, Brockhollands, engine man.
May 30th.-Esme May, daughter of Alfred Henry and Minnie Cole, Mill Hill, collier.
June 20th.-Mavis Elizabeth Elsie, daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth Kate Hewlett, Bream, collier.
June 2lst.-Audrey Mary, daughter of Harry and Mary Lily Raynor, Cardiff, railwayman.
June 2lst.Phyl1is May, daughter of William Frederick and Annie Bradley, Bream, colliery official.

April 11th.-Joseph John Reader, bachelor, and Ethel May Hancock, spinster, both of this parish.
April 11th.-Samuel Richard Wildin widower, and Annie Florence Jefferies, spinster, both of this parish.
April 11th.-Raymond Thomas Jenkins, bachelor, and Elizabeth Roberts, spinster,both of this parIsh.
April 12th.-George Frederick Hughes, bachelor, and Alice Maud Mary Gifford, spinster, both of this parish.
May 30th.:--Percy Henry Fox, bachelor, and Ellen May Stone, spinster, both of this parish.
June 1st.-James George Palmer bachelor, of this parish, and Clara Godwin, spinster, of the parish of Lydney.

Feb.14th.-Elizabeth Ann Sanders, Brookhollands, aged 47 years.
Mar. 24th.-Alan Darby, Coalway, aged 2 months.
Mar. 31st.-Mary Morgan, Yorkley , aged 56 years.
April 5th.-Arthur Pitcher ,Bream, aged 82 years.
April 17th:-James Williams, Bream, aged 86 years.
April 18th.-Elizabeth Williams, Bream's Tufts, aged 60 years.
April,28th.-Richard Kear; Brockhollands, aged 52 years.
May 9th . William Mountjoy Lander, Bream, -aged 71 years.
May..30th.- Charles Watkins, Thomas, U.S.A., aged 18 years,
June 11th.-Mary Ann Jones, Monmouth Infirmary .aged 69 years.
June 18th.- Sarah Ann Edwards, Bream, aged 35 years.

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