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Issue Number: 277  Sept   1897


BAPTISMS (abridged)

August 11. Henry Matthias son of Isaiah Henry and Elizabeth Maria Kear, Mill Hill, labourer.
August 11. Reginald, son of Isaiah and Sarah Watkins, Mill Hill, collier

"What God hath joined together,let not man put asunder". S. MARK,10,9.

July 31. Edwin James Williams, Clements Tump, and Mary Ann Haynes- by the Vicar.
August 4. Arthur Frank Mitchel, London, and Alice Maud Saturley -by the Vicar.
August 25. Arthur Jeffs, Bream, and Alberta Minnie Watkins- by the Vicar.

"Here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come".HEB., 13. 14.

August 17. Hannah Brice, Bream, 59 years.
August 18. Caroline Baggus, Saunder's Green, 36 years.

The alms at the Celebration of Holy Communion at 8 o'clock on Thursday mornings, and on week-day Festivals, will be devoted to the relief of the Sick and Poor of the Parish. We beg to ask all who make their thank-offerrings at these services, to place them in the Alms Box at the bottom of the church.

The Litany will be said in future every Wednesday at 12 o'clock noon. The Clergy feel that in bad weather, and especially in the Winter, a Midday Service may be convenient for churchings. At that time also they will hold themselves ready in the Vestry to see anyone who may wish to speak to them.

We should like to quote some words recently spoken by our Bishop, with reference to Daily service. "The true, spiritual meaning of Daily Service in a Parish, is this; namely, that the Parish, day by day, appears before the footstool of God; the few, perhaps in many cases the very few, having a representative character, and being supplicants for the absent many. The fact that the congregation is only supplied by the Parsonage, and that none else attend is considered sufficient, in only too many cases, to justify the giving up of a Service, which, if we could only see as Angels see, we should find had borne silent but real blessings to the Parish, blessings that ceased only when the voice of daily supplication died out in the Parish Church"

We fear some of our people have felt neglected when they have been ill, or have had illness in the house, and have looked in vain for a visit from one of us.
We beg to remind our Parishioners and Friends that in such a large and scattered Parish it is impossible for the Clergy to know at once who may be ill or wanting any help that they can give them.
We therefore take this opportunity of asking you to let us know, at the Vicarage, of such cases: and of assuring you that we are ready, at any time to do anything that lies in our power, either for the soul or body, if you will only tell us when it is especially needed.

We have a letter from Mr. Vowles, dated August 18th., in which he says the Organ will be ready in two months. We hope he will fulfil his promise. Some of us have been wondering what is happening in Bristol. The truth is that Mr. Vowles is busy building several larger instruments, and some of his workmen are upon the sick list, so that we shall have to exercise the virtue of patience.

On Wednesday August 4th, a very pretty porcession of Sunday School Members was formed at the National School soon after 2 o'clock, and marched with band and banners , to the Parish Church, for a 20 minutes Service of Praise.
After Service, the procession was reformed and went at once to Mr. Wilden's field, where a glorious afternoon and evening were spent, in tea and games and dancing, the two most important events being a cricket match between the boys and the girls, and the ascent of Mr. Mullan's fire balloons. How those balloons did go - away to Monmouthshire! and how the girls wickets went down - like ninepins!.
The young people from the Firs Sunday School walked with us in procession, led by Mr. Jenkins their staunch old teacher and were joined by Miss Miles another teacher in the field.
The weather was glorious, and the kindness of our host and hostess Mr. and Mrs. Wildin, was great, and our best thanks are due to them, and due to all others who by their help and by their presents, made the day a day of pleasure to all.

The Good Samaritan Lodge of Oddfellows held their Church Parade at Yorkley Wood Church at 6 p.m. on Sunday August 1st when the sermon was preached the the Rev. W. F. Adams. The offeratory , which was on behalf of Lydney Cottage Hospital, amounted to 9s. 9d.
On the same evening, the Loyal Free Miners Lodge attended the Parish Church, where the Vicar officiated. A goodly number appeared, but, naturally, not so many as last year, as none had the opportunity of attending both Services, owing to the somewhat unfortunate selection of the same evening by both lodges.

The annual flower fruit and vegetable show was held on Thursday August 12th, in a field on the Sun Tump, kindly lent by Mr. A. Ellsmore, of the Sun Inn. In addition to the show, there was a program of rustic sports. The exhibits numbered over 200, and the exhibitors were about 50, much the same as last year. The exhibits were staged in a large tent, and were a very creditable lot, fully equal to previous efforts. The judges were Mr. Locke of Eastbach Court, and Mr. Gunter of Newland House, who spoke in praise of the exhibits as a whole, especially as regards to the garden produce. The value of the prizes was about £16. The show was under the following management: President, the Rev. E.F. Eales (vicar); vice-president, Rev, W.F. Adams (curate); treasurer, Mr. G. Smith; hon. sec. Mr. A. Batten; and a strong representative committee. There was a large attendance during the evening. The Bream brass band (leader Mr. J. Bevan) was present and played dance and other music, and a very pleasant and enjoyable evening was spent. The committee desire to thank all those who helped to make the show the grand successit proved. The following is the prize list.


Flower Show prize winners 1897 (86k)

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