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Issue Number: 266  Oct   1896

Bream Parish Magazine, October 1896.

The Volunteer Parade Service was held in the Parish church on Sunday, August 30, and in spite of a very wet day up till 5 o'clock, there was a very good muster of men. The Vicar preached an appropriate sermon, reminding the congregation of the good services, of the Volunteer force, at various crises of English History and of the social advantages of the Volunteer movement, serving, as it does, to unite all classes of men, and helping to bring out in them that self-respect upon which so much depends.

This Society began its second year by a meeting held at the Schools on Friday, September 25. The Society proved a great success last year, and we hope it will prove a greater this.

The Parish Church having been beautifully adorned by many kind hands on Wednesday, September 23, the Harvest Thanksgiving was duly celebrated on the following day. The Festival commenced at 8 o'clock with the Holy Eucharist, the Church's Highest Service of Praise. Matins followed at 11 o'clock, and Choral Evensong at 7 p.m. At this latter Service, notwithstanding the unfavourable weather, there was a good congregation, and an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. R. H. Evered, Vicar of Newland with Redbrook. The Festival was continued on Sunday, September 27, when the Rev. W. F. Adams preached in the morning and the Vicar at night. The offerings of fruit and vegetables were sent to Lydney Cottage Hospital, the grapes were given to the sick, and the bread to the poor. The offertories throughout the Festival, amounting to £2 13s. 7d., were devoted to Church Expenses. The Vicar and Mr. Adams desire to convey their thanks to the choir and churchworkers who combined to render the Church and its Services bright and hearty.

The Harvest Thanksgiving at The Firs was held on Thursday, September 17, when, notwithstanding a perfect downpour of rain, a very fair number came to render thanks to the Giver of all good. Special hymns and a special Psalm were very heartily rendered, Mr, G. Batten and Mr. R. Worgan sharing the organ, and Mr. S. Rosser accompanying on the violin. The decorations shewed careful attention, and the fruit and vegetables were afterwards sent to Lydney Cottage Hospital. The Thanksgiving was continued on the following Sunday, when it was found that the offerings had realised 10s. 10d. for the Mission Expenses. The sermon on the Thursday was preached by the Rev. Dr. Bond, Vicar of Parkend, and on the Sunday by the Vicar.

The Oddfellows held their Church Parade this year at Yorkley Wood Church on Sunday, August 23rd, and at the Parish Church on Sunday, September 6th, when the accommodation proved, in each case, insufficient for the congregation which assembled. At these Services hymns were sung to cornet accompaniment, and the National Anthem was rendered, after the Blessing, by the Band; and, in each case, an appropriate sermon was preached by the Vicar on social questions. The offerings at Yorkley Wood, amounting to 14s., Were sent to the Lydney Cottage Hospital. The offerings at the Parish Church, amounting to £1 0s. 3d., Were for Church Expenses*.

" Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." S. MATT., 28,19.

September 2- Winifred Mary, daughter of Thomas Frederick and Theresa Matthews, Horrall Hill, Bream, gamekeeper. September 16 Sidney Elms, son of James and Ellen Priscilla Jones, Ellwall, Bream, engine driver.
September 20-Alice Sophia, daughter of George and Jane Davis, Bream's Eaves, wood cutter.
September 23-George Henry Cecil, son of Richard and Ellen Handcock, Lydney Lane, collier.
September 27-Albert William, son of Albert William and Elizabeth Ann Caple, Barry, Cardiff, gardener.

" Here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come." HEB., 13, 14.

August 30-Thomas Kear, Whitecroft, 80 years.
September 9-Sarah Watkins, Oakwood, Bream, 82 years,

* some information on the Oddfellows from the Monmouthshire Beacon 07 July 1860:

"On Thursday the 28th June (1860), the Odd Fellows Society held their 34th anniversary at the New Inn, Bream. A good collection of cake and toy stalls were there and these with the ballad singers made the scene much resemble a pleasure fair. At one'oclock the members walked in procession to church, headed by the Parkend band, and fro thence they returned to the clubhouse to dine ...".

This would date the formation of the Oddfellows to 1826 approx.

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