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Issue Number: 235  Mar   1894

On Thursday, February 8, the Rev, A. W. Hands lectured on " Jerusalem" which he has personally visited. The lecture was illustrated by some clear and beautiful Magic Lantern views of the Sacred city and other places in the Holy Land, and an entertaining and graphic account given of the various scenes presented. Before and after the lecture music of a sacred and suitable kind was rendered by the following- The Misses Hughes, Phipps and Dandy, Mr,and Mrs C. Morse, Mr. H. H. Morse, and. the Rev. Dr. Bond. Thanks were given to all who kindly helped in making the evening so pleasant, which also resulted in a gain to the Schools of �4 10s. The following night, the 9th, Mr, Hands gave a lantern lecture at the Firs Mission Room, on the " Island of Ceylon, and the work of the Church among the Natives there." This was the first meeting on behalf of the Foreign Missions of the church held there, and it was thoroughly appreciated by the large audience present. The collection realised 7s. 8d. for the good cause. The Home Mission Society sent an eloquent advocate of its claims to Bream, in the person of the Rev. D. C. Boyle, the newly appointed deputation. Mr. Boyle spoke of the work of the Church in the large cities and towns, taking Walsall, with its 75,000 inhabitants, as a typical case, and for an hour quite held the attention of his hearers, who were fewer in number' than should have been. The collection for the Society was 13s. 8d. The next night Mr. Boyle preached at the special Lent Service, at Yorkley Wood from the text "Looking unto Jesus" Heb, xii., 2. It was a beautiful sermon. The offertory, 7s. was for the same Society.

Visitors to the Grave's in the Churchyard are particularly requested to observe the following Rules :-
1. To Fasten the Gates on coming in and going out, to prevent straying animals from doing damage.
2. To carry away all paper.
3. To place all rubbish from the graves under the South wall by the large wooden gate, or under the West wall by the laurel at the end of the new gravel path.
4. To abstain from smoking.
5. To prevent dogs from entering.
H. E. DANDY Vicar.
J. BOND, Curate.
G;SMITH, T. MORSE, church wardens.
T. BATTEN, Parish Clerk.

February 4, Albert Ernest Willie, son of Frederick Robert and Esther Rebecca Jones, Bream's Eaves, Mason.
February 4 Annie Maria and Lily, daughters of George and Jane Davis, Bream's Eaves, Woodman.
February 14, Elsie Alberta, daughter of Thomas and Frances Sarah Preest. Bream's Meend, Collier,
February 15, Charlotte Mary, daughter of Walter Charles and Hannah Mary Halpin, Parkend, Doctor of Medicine.
February 21, Agnes Minnie, daughter of Alfred John and Emily Eliza Stephens, Bream's Eaves Engineman.

February 3, by the Vicar, Rowland Preece to Mary Elizabeth Birt, Bream.

February 1, Sarah Rogers, Yorkley , 64 years.
February 5,. Cora Ellaway, Whitecroft, 20 years.
February 6, John Dobbs, Bream, 56 years.
February 14, Gertrude Mary Croome, Mill Hill, 16 months.
February 15, Ethel Rosa Vaughan, Bream's Meend, 7 months.
February 18, Ada James, Saunder's Green, 15 years.
February 26, Thomas Leonard Voyce, Bream's Woodside, 3 months.
Feb~ary 28, Richard Worgan, Bream's Eaves, 82 years.

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