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Issue Number: 231  Nov   1893

The Harvest Thanksgiving at Yorkley Wood Church was held on Friday, October 6. The Service was fully choral, an anthem being well rendered by the Choir. Dr. Bond entoned the prayers, the Vicar read the first lesson and gave the blessing at the close, the Rev. J. Lawton, Curate-in-charge of the Church of the Good Shepherd, the Lane End, Coleford, reading the second, and preaching an appropriate and excellent sermon. The offertory was divided between the Cottage Hospital, Lydney, and the Church Expenses Fund. The Church was brightly decorated, many joining in the labour of love.

October 1, Harold Edward, son of William and Elizabeth Baker, Bream's Tufts, farm labourer,
October 15, William Percy, son of James and Rachel James, Yorkley Wood collier.
October 18, Gertrude Jemima Ann, daughter of John William and Esther Shingles, Bream's Woodside, collier.
October 25, Rose Ethel, daughter of George Riley and Eliza Jenkins, Bream's Eaves, colleir.
October 28, Lilian Winifred, daughter of John Henry and Louisa Ferneyhough, S,Briavels Road, farmer.

October 10, by the Vicar, Alfred Chivers, Bream, to Mary Hughes, Saunders Green.
October 18, by the Vicar, James Powell, Newport, Monmouthshire, to Annie Burley, Bream.

October 19, Jane Hewlett, Bream, 62.
October 20, Marry Ann Emala Shingles, Bream'sWoodside, 31.
October 22, Milbrow Elizabeth Phipps, Bream, 14 months.
October 31, Job Thomas, Bream's Eaves, 59

Church Accounts Q3 1893 (29k)

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