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Issue Number: 169  Sep   1888

On Sunday August 19, the Volunteers attended the evening service at 6.30. There was a large muster under the command of Lieutenant Payne, and a very crowded congregation, numbers being unable to obtain seats. The service seemed to be heartily joined in, and at the close the band played the National Anthem, the congregation standing. The Vicar preached the sermon, taking as his text S. Mathew x. 32,33.

Serious fears were entertained at one time that the annual Flower Show would have to be omitted this year owing to the damage done by the hailstorm and the backward state of the gardens. Matters however mended very much and the committee determined to hold the show, though at a later date than in previous years, the day fixed being Thursday August 23, and, upon the whole, they may congratulate themselves upon the success of their efforts. There was a good display of many kinds of produce. The gate money fell only a little short of last year, a good number paying for admission in the evening. The meeting of the Speech house Lawn tennis Club, and the wet morning interfered doubtless with the attendance in the afternoon. The wind blew high during the day, causing the cross-pole of one of the tents to break, and the cords of another to give way, but fortunately doing little damage otherwise. Messrs. W. Hoare and W. Worgan were the most successful winners of prizes in garden produce, but according to the rules they could not take more than six. There were several new exhibitors. The athletic sports added much to the day's proceedings, the obstacle race making much merriment. The Rev. Dr. Bond has become vice-president of the society, Mr. T.H. Deakin a patron, and Messrs. H. Merry, D. North, W. Trafford, and E. Worthy have been added to the committee. We give a full list of the prizes :


Four Cabbages - 1, Mrs E,Cooper, calico; 2, Mrs Dufty, shirting; 3, Mr T. Brookes, teapot; 4, Miss Hunt, teapot
18 Round Potatoes - 1, Mrs Skipp, flannel; 2, Miss Miles, calico; 3, Mr R. Johnson, teapot
18 Kidney Potatoes - 1, Mr W. Worgan, flannel; 2, Mr. Batten, table cloth; 3, Mr W. Robbins, glasses
18 Medium Potatoes - 1, Mr W. Worgan, knives and forks; 2, Mr F. Lucas, teapot; 3, Mrs Duffy, jugs
Half Peck Green Peas - 1, Mrs Skipp, flannel; 2, Mrs Dufty, basket; 3, Mr J. Shingles junr., dishes
Half Peck Broad Beans - 1, Mrs Skipp, flannel; 2, Mrs E. Cooper, bath
Brace Cucumbers - 1, Mr J. Hawkins, flannel; 2, Mr T. Batten, brush.
Two Vegetable Marrows - 1, Mr T. Batten, shoebrushes
Six Carrots - 1, Mr W. Worgan, blanket; 2, Mr J. Shingles junr., calico; 3, Mr W. Hoare, basket
Six Turnips - 1, Mr W. Worgan, sheet; 2, Mr W. Robbins, jug; 3, Mrs E. Cooper, coal scuttle
Six Parsnips - 1, Mrs Dufty, counterpane; 2, Mr F. Lucas, sheet; 3, Mr W. Hoare, calico
Six Beet-roots - 1, Mr F. Lucas, hassocks (Mr T.B. Trotter's prize); 2, Mrs G. Jenkins, shirting
Twenty Four Spring Onions - 1, Mrs Skipp, sheet
Six Winter Onions - 1, Mr W. Robbins, sheet; 2, Mrs Dufty, jugs
Four Lettuces - 1, Mr W. Hoare, brush; 2, Mr W. Worgan, fork(Mr P. Jones prize); 3, Mr W. Robbins, towelling
Three Sticks of Celery - 1, Mr W. Hoare, gridiron (Mr P. Jones prize); 2, Mr W. Robins, teapot; 3, Mr J. Shingles junr, cups and saucers
Scarlet Runners - 1, Mr J. Shingles junr, flannel; 2, Mr W. Worgan, brush; 3, Mrs Dufty, cups and saucers.
Basket of Vegetables - 1, Mr M. Hoare, blanket; 2, Mr J. Hawkins, flannel; 3, Mr F. Lucas, shirting.
Six Sticks of Rhubarb - 1, Mr T. Brookes, calico; 2, Mr. W. Hoare, lamp; 3, Mrs E. Cooper, plates.
Basket of Fruit - 1, Mr T. Batten, counterpane; 2, Mr. W. Robbins, shirting.
Garden Nosegay - 1, Mr. G. Webb, brushes; 2, Mr J. Hawkins, pail; 3, Miss Miles, jugs


Basket of Wild Flowers - 1, Mrs G. Jenkins, counterpane (Lady Campbell's prize); 2, Mrs E. James, flannel.
Design in Flowers &c - 1, Mr. J. Carpenter, blanket; 2, Mr T. Brooks, blanket.
Medicinal Herbs - 1, Mrs A. Morgan, sheets(Lady Campbell's prize); 2, Mrs E. James, hearth-rug (Mr. T. Ames prize).
Ferns - 1, Mr Harry Watkins, 12s; 2, Mr G. Jenkins, 8s (Rev. F.C. Gosling's prizes)
Ornamental Collection Of Window Plants - 1, Mr G. Webb, blanket; Mrs E. James, bath.
Three Geraniums - 1, Mr. G. Webb, cups and saucers
Three Fuscias - 1, Mr G. Webb, shirting
Two pounds of Butter - 1, Mrs S. wildin, blanket; 2, Miss Camm, mat (Mr. T. B. Trotter's prize)

Ferns - 1, Blanch Landers, scrap-book; 2, Ada Cooper, work-box; 3, Ellen Prince, ink-stand.
Basket of Wild Flowers - 1, Blanch Landers, ink-stand; 2, Ellen Prince, purse; 3, Ada Cooper, ink-stand; 4, Jane James, glove box.
Nosegay of Wild Flowers - 1, Celia Kear, Japanese box; 2, Henrietta Preest, workbox; 3, Harriet Preest, inkstand; 4, Minnie Hoare, pencil box.
Ferns - Hubert Landers, writing case.
Nosegay of Wild Flowers - 1, Walter Hoare, ink-stand; 2, Ernest Pitcher, purse; 3, Hubert Landers, blotting case; 4, Edwin Williamson, pencil box.

Throwing Cricket Ball - 1, J Caple 3s; 2, J. Worgan, 1s 6d.
High Jump - 1, W. Morse, 4s; 2, J. Worgan, 2s.
100 yards race (boys) 1, T. Kear, 3s; 2, W. Payne, 1s 6d.
Obstacle Race - 1, F. Beach, 5s; 2, J.Worgan, 2s 6d.
Sack Race (boys) - 1, F. Lucas, 3s, 2, O. Skipp, 1s 6d.
Quarter-mile handicap - 1, T Beach (scratch) 5s; 2, R Preest (40 yards), 2s 6d.
Long Jump - 1,Wm Morse, 4s; 2, J Caple, 2s.
100 yards handicap - 1, T Beach (scratch), 5s; 2, W. Camm (5 yards), 2s 6d.
Three Legged Race (boys) - 1,W Lucas and Edward Thomas, 4s; 2, T. Gladwin and R Webb, 2s.

Thursday, August 30, was the day of the Sunday School Treat at Bream, and an unfortunate one it proved with regard to the weather. The children met at the Schools at two, and were joined by those from the Firs, and a short service held. It had been arranged to have an early tea, and then march to the field at Court Farm, kindly placed at the service of the teachers and scholars by Mr S. Wildin, but the frequent showers of rain prevented the later, and we had to be content by amusing ourselves in the playground and under the Forest trees near the Schools. A display of fireworks,kindly let off by Mr T. Morse, made a pleasant end to the day's amusement. The Vicar desires to thank the following for their generous gifts towards expenses : Mr. F. Macfarlane for 10s, Miss Trigg for sweets, Mrs G. Smith for butter, milk and sweets, Mr Vimpany for sweets, and Mrs R. Watkins for cake.
The School Treat at Yorkley Wood followed the next day, when the weather was all that could be wished. The children met at two at the Church, and joined in a short service. Ar 3.30 teat was partaken of in Mr. H. Cox's field, who had willingly cut a part of it for our convenience. After tea a move was made to Shaphouse Patches, a large meadow belonging to Yorkley Court Farm, which Mr Gilmore had kindly lent. Here a pleasant time was spent, and a display of fireworks at dusk, kindly shewn by Mr w.F. Mullan, ended the day's enjoyment.

August 1, Ellen Edith, daughter of Henry Harris and Ellen Maria Thompson, Bream's Woodside, iron merchant.
August 12, Alice Gwen, daughter of Frank and Alice Dobbs, london, carpenter.
August 15, Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Watkins, Woodside, collier.
August 29, Frederick William, son of William Frederick and Rosina Mullan, school house, schoolmaster.

August 5, by the Vicar, John Watkins, Bream to Mary Watkins, Bream's Meend.

August 10, Francis Clark, Bream, 83.
August 19, Alma Clara Matilda Slowley, Bristol, 33.

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