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Issue Number: 171  Nov   1888

The past month has been a very busy one on the Parish. The following is a brief summary of the chief events :-

Thursday October 4, Meeting on behalf of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at the Schools, Bream, with an able and interesting address from the Deputation, the Rev. A. A. Maclaren, 10 years a Missionary in Australia, who dwelt on the work of the Church aiming the Natives of Australia, and the white people there, our own brothers and sisters. He told us how the Australian Church, a branch of the English Church, founded through the efforts of the Society, for which he was pleading , has become self-supporting, and is now in it's turn undertaking Missionary work in other parts of the world, and that he himself is going out to represent the Church as it's first Missionary to the Island of New Guinea, latterly taken under British control. The address was listened to with marked attention by a fairly good audience, and a cordial vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Maclaren on the proposition of of the Vicar, seconded by Mr. T. Ames. The name of Mr. G. Smith who kindly acted as chairman of the meeting, during the unavoidable absence of the Vicar at the Fir's Service was coupled with the vote of thanks.

Friday October 5. Meeting at Yorkley Wood, which was well attended. Mr. Maclaren again succeeded in entertaining his hearers, and carried them along with him throughout his address. Dr. Bond quite expressed the feelings of the audience in proposing the vote of thanks, which was seconded by the Vicar, and carried unanimously.

The monies received so far for the society are as follows :-

Boxes - BREAM £ s d
Mr. T. Ames 0 6 0
Mrs A. Batten 0 2 10
Mrs. C. Jenkins 0 14 9
Mrs G. Kear 0 1 1
Mrs Pockett 0 4 11 1/4
Miss M. Watkins 0 4 1 1/2
Collections in the Church, Sept 30      
8 a.m. 0 4 3 1/2
11 a.m. 0 9 2 1/2
6.30 p.m. 1 0 0
Collection at Children's Service, Oct 7 0 6 7 1/2
Collection at Meeting, Oct 4 0 15 1 1/2
4 8 11 3/4

Boxes - YORKLEY WOOD £ s d
Mrs Henry Cox 0 2 1 1/2
Mrs Manners 0 2 0 1/2
Mrs D Morgan 0 1 11 1/2
Collection at Meeting, Oct 5 0 16 0 1/2
1 2 2

There are many more collections to come in. The amount of the collection at Yorkley Wood on Sunday Sept 30, will be inserted next month.

Friday October 12, Harvest Festival at Yorkley Wood Church. The first part of the service was read by Dr. Bond, the special prayers and the latter part being taken by the Vicar. The choir gave a good rendering of a harvest anthem, and the Rev. J. W. Thomas, Curate of Coleford, preached an appropriate sermon from S. Matt, xiii., 14. The Church was nicely decorated. The offertory was given to the Church funds.

Monday October 15. It was felt by many at Yorkley Wood that some recognition of the many services rendered in the Church and Sunday School by Mrs H. H. Morse should not be forgotten, and that her marriage with Mr. H. H. Morse seemed a very suitable occasion on which to present her with some mark of the esteem and appreciation in which she is held the congregation at the Church. Accordingly a special tea was arranged in Mr. H. Cox's house, to which both Mr and Mrs Morse were invited. After tea the Vicar presented Mrs Morse with a handsome marble clock and suitable ornament, the clock bearing the the following inscription :- "Presented to Mrs H. H. Morse, on her marriage, by the Clergy, Congregation and Sunday School Children of Yorkley Wood Church. September 10th, 1888". Both Mr and Mrs Morse very suitably responded, thanking their subscribers for their kind gifts, and assuring them of their lively interest in the work of the church. Messrs. Morse and Mullan gave several songs, which were much appreciated , and a pleasant evening's intercourse was brought to a close by votes of thanks to the Presentation Committee, the Performers, the Promoters of the Tea, Mr H. Cox, for the use of the room, and Mr. Harry Morgan for the loan of the Harmonium.

Wednesday October 17. This day was observed at Bream church as the commemoration of the death of late Vicar, the Rev. J .F. Gosling, who entered into rest October 16, 1882. The Psalms from the Burial Service and the hymns sung on the day of the funeral were repeated, and the Vicar preached from S. Mark xii.,26.27. There was a very fair congregation, and kind hands did not forget the grave.

Sunday October 21. Special prayers for God's Blessing on Sunday Schools were offered on this day, and appropriate sermons preached at Bream and Yorkley Wood Churches. The Litany issued by the Sunday School Institute was said in the afternoon at Bream Sunday School, and an address given. On the following night, Monday, the Litany was said in the Church, and an address delivered to Sunday School Teachers.

Wednesday October 24, Harvest Festival at Bream. There was a celebration of Holy Communion at 8, and Evensong at 7, a large congregation assembling. The musical portion of the service went well. The Vicar read the prayers, Dr. Bond the lessons, and the Vicar of Tintern, the Rev. W. E. Rosedale, preached an eloquent sermon from Psalm xcii.,1. The offertories during the day were £1 7s 4 1/2d., which were divided equally between the Diocesan Association and the Incorporated Church Building Society. The Church looked well with the decorations.

July 1 - September 30, 1888

Expenditure £ s d
Alms 1 10 0
Organist 1 10 0
Lighting and firing 1 10 9
Cleaning and washing 1 7 0
  5 17 9
Balance in hand from last quarter 1 3 8 1/2
Offertories 10 13 7 1/2
  11 17 3 3/4
Less Expenditure 5 17 9
  5 19 6 3/4

September 2, Edith, daughter of Tom and Margaret Jones, Yorkley Wood, collier.
October 2, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of William George and Martha Crote, Mill Hill, collier.
October 14, Charles Albert, son of Jabez and Annie Carpenter, the Firlands, labourer.

October 17, Wallace Clement Jarrett, Bream. 11 months
October 21, Amos Priest, Bream's Woodside, 2 years.
October 23, Raymond Richards, Bream
October 24, John Barber, Bream's Woodside, 71.

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