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Issue Number: 165  May   1888

(The amount acknowledged last month for the Home Missions was £2 7s. Miss K. Satturley has sent in her box this month amounting to 2s 8d., making the total received so far £2 9s 8d. There is still the collection in the church to be taken.
While speaking of the Home Missions, the following verses issued by the society on a leaflet , may be given here. they are beautiful in thought and expression.

On opening one of the Society's Collecting Boxes, the following touching lines, with a small contribution, were found -

"Only a drop in the bucket,
But every drop will tell;
The bucket would soon be empty,
Without thr drops in the well.

"Only a poor little penny,
It was all I had to give;
But as pennies make the florins,
It may help some cause to live.

"A few little bits of ribbon,
And some toys; they were not new,
But they made the sick child happy,
Which has made me happy too.

"Only some outgrown garments,
They were all I had to spare,
But they'l help to clothe the needy-
And the poor are everywhere.

"A word now and then of comfort,
That cost me nothing to say;
But the poor old man died happy,
And it helped him on the way.

"God loveth the cheerful giver,
Though the gidt be poor and small:
What doth he think of his children
When they never give at all ?"

Mrs E. Morgan and Mrs Richards assisted this time by Mrs. Pockett, have again washed and thoroughly cleaned the church floor and pews free of charge. We give them the best of our thanks for their kind help.

The annual Festival of Church Choirs, of which Bream will be one, takes place at Coleford Parish Church, on Thursday May 17 at 6 p.m. The musical portion of the service will be :- Magnificat and Nune Dimittis, by G.A. Macfarren, in G Unison; Anthem- "O, taste and See"- (Sullivan); Hymns-Processional 469, second tune omitting verses 13-17; before Sermon, 307; after Sermon, 367; Recessional, 274.
The usual practice is at 3 p.m.

April 2, by the Vicar, John Fletcher, Lydney to Elizabeth Annie Hoare, Bream's Woodside.

April 15, Caroline Croome, Bream's Meend, 59.


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