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Issue Number: 163  March   1888

Update April 2018:

Don Burgham added: "I was looking through the Parish Mags section of the web site and I came across the St. James Parish Magazine from March 1888.  In it was listed an entertainment program performed there on March 10th 1888 (below).  I thought it would be interesting and fun to listen to the musical pieces from that night's show. Doing some simple research I was able to locate many of the songs performed that night on YouTube. It seemed to be a very entertaining show for the people of the Forest and in listening to the selections from the night of over 130 years ago, I can imagine sitting in the room with the old Foresters of that time.  I wish I could have found links to all of the songs but I fear some may be lost to history.

Don who is a descendent of an old Forest family wondered if anyone could find links to the missing songs that he could not find.

(abridged) :
The last of the entertainments of the season was given at the Schools on Friday evening the 10th. Perhaps it was the most enjoyable of them all. The music was good; most of the singers were new to a Bream audience; and the dramatic entertainment received a careful rendering in the hands of Mr. Mullan and his willing band of assistants. The program was as follows :-

Instrumental piece (click link to hear song) Messrs. F. and R. Wildin and H. Hook
Song - "The Young Brigade" Rev. E. L. C. Clapton
Song (encored) - "Sailing" Rev. H. Barker
Song - "Two Marriionettes" Miss Bradford
Song, by request (encored) - The place where the old horse died" Mr J. W. Boyce
Song - "Welcome" Mr A. Thomas
Song - "Simon the Cellarer" (encore song "The Powder Monkey") Dr. Essex
Pianoforte Duo - "Qui Vive" Miss Gould and Miss E. Dandy
Song - "Alice where art thou?" Dr. Halpin
Song - "The River Years" Miss Gould
Song - (encored) - "The Postman's knock" Rev. E. L. C. Clapton
Song - (encored) - "The haven aloft" Mr. J. C. Boyce
Instrumental piece Messrs. F. and R. Wildin and H. Hook
Song - (encored) - "I'm not myself at all" Dr. Halpin
Song - "The Skipper" Miss Bradford
Song - (encored) - "Kicklebury Brown" Dr.Essex


"George Simpson" ( a speculating man) Mr W. Mullan
"Sir Richard Cleverly" (a neighbour of Cleverly Court) Mr L. Kear
"Walter Cleverly" (Nephew of Sir Richard and rightful heir to the estate Mr P. Dandy
"Frank Steadfast" (A Lawyer and friend of Sir Walter) Mr. A. Batten
"John Grateful" (a clerk) Mr. W. Smith
A Magistrate Mr. G. Webb
A Lawyer Mr G. Batten
A Policeman Mr. H. Watkins
"Mabel Simpson" (George Sinpson's daughter) Mrs Mullan
"Mrs Trueman" (Housekeeper) Miss M. Morse

ACT I.-Scene laid in George Simpson's house. ACT II.-The Police Court

At the close a cordial vote of thanks was passed top all the performers. The proceeds are for the school funds

Feb 1, Clara, daughter of Samuel and Charlotte Wildin, Bream Court, farmer
Feb 25, Florrie, daughter of Henry Thomas and Mary Ann Elizabeth Preest, Colliers Beech, collier.

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