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Issue Number: 161  Jan   1888

(- back cover only) :
The Monies collected on behalf of Foreign Missions, from the Parish, show the following figures :-
Boxes and collections acknowledged in last month's magazine �6 11s 8d
Boxes this month �0 12s 11 1/4d
Boxes and collections �1 5s 11 1/4d

(Total) �8 5s 11 1/4d

Thursday December 23.-The second Sunday School Treat to mark the Jubilee Year at Bream. The children assembled at the schools at 5.30 and partook of tea. At seven a magic lantern was shewn by Messrs. W.F. Mullan, A Batten, L Kear and P Dandy. The first part was a pathetic story of an incident in the life of a sailor's wife by name "Jane Conquest" the connective readings being taken by the Vicar. The pictures were beautiful. Three views of the city of Paris were also much admired. The comic ones at the close were greeted with great laughter and merriment. Singing by the boys, girls and infants, and later a recitation from " a little one" added to the evenings pleasure. The lantern was kindly lent by the Rev. C. Barnes, Vicar of Berry Hill, on the payment of a small donation to the Christ Church Chancel Fund. It is needless to say that it was highly appreciated. The Vicar desires to thank Mrs G Smith for the gift of milk , and "A Friend" for a donation of 10s.

Tuesday December 27.-A concert and entertainment at the schools. The musical portion of the program was entrusted to old members of the choir and school teaching staff, not now resident in Bream. Several kindly assisted, namely Mrs Voice, the Misses Hayward, Morse and Williams. Messrs T and H Morgan, J Voice, and Jesse Worgan. They sang solos, duets, trios and choruses which were much appreciated by the audience. A laughable farce with a good lesson called "Catchem and Cheatem", played by Messrs G. and A. Batten, F. Camm, P. Dandy, L.Kear, G. Webb, and Jesse Worgan, followed the musical part with much success . The performers one and all were thanked for their kind help, and what may be called a reunion of the past and present, pleasant and pleasurable to all concerned, was brought to a close by the singing of a verse of the National Anthem. The funds of the school will probably be benefited by it to the amount of �4.

Dec. 4, Irene, daughter of Alfred and Frances Hannah John, Bream's Eves, fitter.
Dec. 12, Albert Riley, son of George and Harriet Wildin, Bream, publican.

Dec.1, Louisa Trigg, Bream's Eves, 59.
Dec.2, Walter Hayes Jones, Yorkley Wood, 5.

There have been 30 Baptisms, 3 Marriages, 31 Burials during the year 1887.

We wish our readers and parish a very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR

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