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Issue Number: 172  Dec   1888


The season of Advent is upon us once again. The word "Advent" means "The Coming" and our thoughts are directed to the first coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ into the world as a little child on Christmas Day. By thinking of the first coming, we are led on to look forward to that time when He shall come again, not as the Saviour, but as the Judge. " to reward every man according to his works". Let us try to make the best of this solemn season by devout heart-searching, and more regular attendance on the means of grace, that we may be able to keep our Christmas with thankful and peaceful hearts, and be the more fitted to meet the Judge on the last day.

The offertory at the Harvest Festival at Yorkley Wood on Friday October 12 was 14s 6d.

Miss Gosling very kindly gave £2 10s 0d to Yorkley Wood Church, and £2 10s 0d to the Firs Mission House. We thank her very much.

The profit on the tea held on the occasion of the presentation to Mrs H.H. Morse was 8s 8d., and this will be added to the Yorkley Wood Church Fund.

The Bream (S. James's) Cricket Club has not had a very successful season. Great difficulty was experienced at the commencement of the season in obtaining a suitable filed to practice in. Mr. Miles, Noxon Farm, very kindly came to the aid of the members, and did all he could to meet their wants, by placing one or two of his fields at their disposal. After the harvest, a capital pitch was found in a meadow on the farm near Bream Cross, and there several matches were played. The Club is in a sound position financially, as the following balance-sheet shows :-

Receipts £ s d
Balance in hand 1887 0 1 0
Mr. T. Ames 0 2 0
Mr T. Billy 0 2 6
Mr W. Hughes 0 5 0
Mrs C Jenkins 0 2 6
Mr F, Macfarlane 0 2 6
Mr, J Caple 0 3 0
Mr C Camm 0 2 6
Mr W Camm jnr. 0 2 6
Mr F. Camm 0 5 0
Mr L. Kear 0 2 6
Mr W.F. Mullan 0 2 6
Mr W. Watkins 0 2 6
Messrs C. Brice,L. Hawke,C Howells,T. Howells,T Kear, J. Kent, T Morse jun, F Phillips, Fred Phillips, A Wilkes, 2s each 1 0 0
The Vicar 1 0 0
3 16 0
Expenses £ s d
May 28, Messrs. Lunn and Co for balls, bats, gloves guards &c. 3 2 9
Balance in Hand 0 13 3


November 19, Rosa, daughter of George and Elizabeth Cooper, Bream, carter


November 18, by the Vicar, George Crote to Bertha Williams, both of Mill Hill, Bream
November 19, by the Vicar, Mathew Beach to Keturah Saturley, both of Bream


November 4, Martha Crote, Mill Hill, 23
November 4, Mary Elizabeth Morse, Bream's Eaves, 2
November 9, Sarah Challenger, Bream's Woodside, 14 months.

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