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Issue Number: 166  August   1888


The Anniversary of the Restoration and Enlarging of the Parish Church during the incumbency of Rev. Cornelius Witherby, was this year held upon S. James' Day, Wednesday July 25. There was a celebration of Holy Communion at 8, and Evensong, with Sermon, by Rev. W. Taprell Allen, Vicar of S. Briavels. The Preacher taking for his text I Chron., xxix, 9, made allusion to the proposed memorial to Miss Alice Davies, who has been such a great benefactress to the parish, by aiding the good work of restoring the Church, building the parsonage house, and greatly aiding to the endowment of the Living. The memorial will take either the form of a stained glass window or of a new vestry, which will be built as an aisle to the present chancel, adding much to the beauty and completion of the Church. The latter work is not only ornamental, but useful, and is preferred by the relatives of the deceased lady. It will be more costly, but the object of the work and the advantages gained by its successful accomplishment greatly out weigh the fact of its costliness, which can be overcome by the willing offerings of the parishioners, aided by care and time and patience.

The Rev. W. Barker, Vicar of Holy Trinity, repeated his lecture on "The Wedding Ring" on Tuesday evening July 31, in the Schools. When given by him a year ago it was so much liked, and thought to be so edifying, that the Lecturer was invited to give it again. There was a somewhat larger audience this time than last, and the lecture was as much appreciated as before. At the close, a vote of thanks was heartily given to Mr. Barker, on the proposition of the Vicar, seconded by Mr. George Smith. The proceeds will be for the purchase of new psalters and hymn books for the Choir.

The following is the Report of the Diocesan School Inspector on the occasion of his visit, May 9 :
Boys : "I was much pleased with the answering in the higher group, that in the lower group was satisfactory. The repetition was well said throughout the school, the written work on paper was good, that on slates fairly well done. The Religious Instruction is being well cared for."
Girls : "The tone of the school is pleasant, and good work is being done. The girls in the higher group answered intelligently and well, and a good proportion of those in the younger group also answered well. The written work was neat and accurate; the repetition was satisfactory in the higher group, but fair among the younger children".
Infants : "As in former years a pleasant school, where very creditable work is being done."

The Flower Show has been postponed this year owing to the destruction wrought to the gardens by the hailstorm. There will be a meeting of the Committee on Tuesday night, August 7, at the Schools at 7.30 to decide what shall be done.


April 1 to June 30, 1888

Expenditure £ s d
Balance due to the treasurer from last Quarter 0 18 7 3/4
Alms 1 10 0
Organist 1 10 0
Cleaning and Washing 1 5 1
Lighting and Firing 1 16 8
  7 0 4 3/4
Offertories 8 4 1
Less Expenditure 7 0 4 3/4
  1 3 8 1/4

June 24, William Henry, son of Henry and Mary Morgan, Yorkley Wood, collier.
July 1, Alice Maud Mary, daughter of James and Emma Giffard, Mill Hill, miner.
July 18, Sophia Morse, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Morse, Cinderford, collier.
July 18, Ada Emma, daughter of Edwin and Charlotte Baker, Close Turf, labourer.
July 18, Thomas Hiram, son of Edwin and Charlotte Baker, Close Turf, labourer.

July 29, by the Vicar, Goodwin garland Voice, to Mary Ann Holford, both of Mill Hill Bream.

July 2, Richard Smith, Cinderford, 72
July 8, Sarah Jones, Yorkley, 72
July 14, Joseph Williams, Bream, 67

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