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Issue Number: 164  April   1888

The annual meeting of the Home Missions of the Church was addressed by the deputation, the Rev. Maurice Jones, on Monday evening March 12. A fair number attended, and had the pleasure of listening to an interesting address. Three new boxes were taken at the end of the meeting. The monies received so far are given below. The collection in the church will be made in a short time.

£ s d
Mrs C. Jenkins 0 6 11 1/2
Mr. F MacFarlane 0 4 6 1/2
Mrs J. Ames 0 2 6
Miss E. Smith 0 3 4 1/2
Mrs C. Brice 0 6 9
The Vicarage (donation) 0 7 6
Collection at meeting 0 15 4 1/2
2 7 0

The Rev. Dr Bond, Master of the Coleford Grammar School, has been licensed by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese to the Curacy of Bream. Dr. Bond's work will be chiefly in Yorkley Wood. We are sure the parishioners will give him their welcome and their prayers.

Palm Sunday or Flowering Sunday as it is commonly called among us, will long be remembered as truly a winter's day. The ground was covered in snow, and the only decoration to be seen on the graves was its pure white. Easter Day however broke bright and beautiful, and the Churchyard looked smilingly in the change. At the early service at 8, 26 Communicated at the Morning Service at 11, and at Yorkley wood 13, making 50 Communicants in all. The services at both churches were well attended. Dr. Bond officiated at Yorkley wood for the first time.

At the Vestry meeting held according to notice on Tuesday evening, April 3rd, the following Church Officers were appointed. Vicar's warden Mr G. Smith, Parish Warden Mr. Thomas Ames, Lay Representatives Messrs. George Smith, Richard Watkins and William Worgan, Sidesmen Messrs. William Worgan, Thomas Batten, Thomas Brookes, Albert Batten.
The subject of a memorial to the late Miss Alice Davies was discussed, and it was thought best to call a meeting of the congregation at the earliest convenient time to take further steps in the matter.
According to to a wish expressed at the Vestry meeting, the Statement of Accounts will be published quarterly in the magazine:-


Alms 1 10 0
Organist 1 10 0
Lighting and Firing 4 8 6
Cleaning and Washing 1 4 6
New Piping for Stove 0 15 10
9 8 10
By Receipts 8 10 2 1/4
Due to Treasurer 0 18 7 3/4

Balance in hand from last Quarter 2 6 10 1/4
Offertories 6 3 4
8 10 2 1/4

Subscriptions for the Schools for the year ending April 30 are due this month and the Vicar will be glad to receive them before that date, in order that the accounts may be audited for presentation to Her Majesty's Inspector, at his visit in May.

March 14, Ada Elizabeth Penn, Cleverend's Green,9.
March 24,Florrie Preest,Collier's Beech, 50 days.

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