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Issue Number:   Sept   1886


Sept 1886

This year proved in every way a success. The weather, which on previous occasions has oftentimes been far from propitious, was almost all that could be desired A few drops of rain did indeed fall in the morning, and a somewhat high wind swept continually across the ground during the day, but it did not seem in any way to lessen the number of visitors, more of whom probably passed through the gates than at any other of the society’s shows. The number of exhibits and the quality were equally good, the vegetables being especially noticeable. The flowers and ferns, gathered and arranged by the Sunday School children, formed a very pleasing feature, but helped much to increase the size and beauty of the tables. The Athletic Sports were interesting: there might well be, however, have been a larger number of competitors. The committee have to thank those friends who, either by their subscriptions or their gifts in kind, helped to make the show such a success.

A complete list of prize winners follows:

Cabbages.First, Frank Lucas, Calico; 2nd, J. Croome, Shirting; 3rd, Walter Hoare, Shirting.
18 Round Potatoes.First, John Croome, flannel; 2nd, Walter Hoare, shirting; 3rd, William Miles, basins.
18 Kidney Potatoes.First, William Worgan, Calico; 2nd, Mrs. H. James, Shirting; 3rd, Mark Kear, Basins.
18 Medium Potatoes. First William Worgan, flannel; 2nd, Wm. Miles, calico; 3rd Richard Johnstone, cups and saucers.
Green Peas.First, William Miles, Wincey; 2nd, John Hawkins, Toilet Ware; 3rd, William Worgan, Tumblers.
Broad Beans.First, Walter Hoare, Bath; 2nd, Mark Kear, Dishes; 3rd, Miss Batten, Tumblers.
3 Cucumbers.First, Thomas Batten, Shirting; 2nd John Hawkins, Tablecloth.
Vegetable Marrows.Thomas Batten, basket.
Carrots First, Walter Hoare, Shirting; 2nd, John Hawkins, Hearthrug; 3rd, Wm.Worgan, Fork.
Turnips First Wm. Miles, lamp; 2nd, Barbara Hunt, Calico. 3rd, Jabez Carpenter jugs.
Parsnips,First Frank Lucas, Chair; 2nd, Walter Hoare, counterpane; 3rd, Richard Johnstone rug.
Cauliflowers.Walter Hoare, tea.
Spring Onions.First, Walter Hoare, rug 2nd, Mark Kear, Calico; 3rd, John Croome. tea.
Winter Onions.First, Wm. Robbins, basket; 2nd Mark Kear, Calico; 3rd, Richard Johnstone, tea.
Lettuces.First William Robbins, Tea. Service; 2nd, Wm. Worgan, plates.
Celery. First, John Hawkins, Bath; 2nd, Richard Johnstone, Plates.
Scarlet Runners.First, William Robbins Towelling; 2nd Mark Kear, Cups and Saucers.
Basket of Vegetables.First, John Hawkins, Blanket; 2nd, Walter Hoare, Counterpane; 3rd, Wm. Miles, Spade.
Rhubarb.First, John Hawkins, Brushes; 2nd, Frank Lucas, Tea.
Basket of FruitFirst, Thomas Batten, Counterpane; 2nd, Walter Hoare, sheet.
Garden Nosegay.First, John Hawkins, brushes; 2nd Wm. Miles, lamp; 3rd, Frank Lucas tea.
Basket of Wild Flowers.First, Mrs. E James, Sheets; 2nd Mrs. G. Jenkins, Sheet.
Design in Flowers and Grasses.First, Jabez Carpenter, blanket; 2nd, Miss A. Batten sheet.
Collection of Window Plants.George Webb, blanket.
Medicinal Herbs.First, Mrs. A. Morgan, sheets; 2nd, Mrs. E. James, teapot.
Forest Ferns (Rev. F. C. Gosling's prize). First, Henry Watkins, 12s. 2nd, Mrs G. Jenkins, 6s.
3 Geraniums. Geo. Webb, Teapot.
3 Fuchsias. First, Geo. Webb, Cups and Saucers; 2nd, Mrs Cheras, Jugs.
3 Window Plants (any kind). First, Mrs Cheras, Calico; 2nd, Mrs A. Morgan, Cups and Saucers; 3rd, Geo. Webb, Tea.


Design. Ada Musgrove, Writing Case.
Basket of Wild Flowers. First,, Jenny James, Inkstand; 2nd, Ada Cooper, Writing Case; 3rd Ellen Prince, Glove box.
Nosegay of Wild Flowers. First, Eliza Hoare, Basket; 2nd, Alice Brown, Basket.

Basket of Wild Flowers. First, Tom Brown, Inkstand; 2nd, George Phillips, Inkstand; 3rd, Robert Jones, Pencil Case.
Ferns. First, Roland James, Inkstand; 2nd, Robert Pocket, Knife; 3rd, Fred Brooks, Date Table.
Nosegay of Wild Flowers. Robert Pocket, Writing Case.
100 yards Flat Race for Boys. First, Frank Camm, 3s. 2nd, S. Watkins, 1s 6d.
High Jump. First, G. Gilbert, 4s. 2nd, S. James, 2s.
Hurdle Race for Men. First, T. Worgan, 5s. 2nd, G. Gilbert, 2s. 6d.
Quarter Mile Flat Race for Men. First, W. Camm, 5s. 2nd, T. Richards, 2s. 6d.
Long Jump. First, A. Jenkins, 4s. 2nd, G. Gilbert, 2s.
Sack Race for Boys. First, W. Davis, 3s. 2nd, H. Baker, 1s. 6d.
100 yards Flat Race for Men. First, A. Jenkins, 5s. 2nd, S. James, 2s. 6d.
Three Legged Race for Boys. First, F. Lucas and G. Skipp, 4s. 2nd, W. Davis and W. Baker, 2s.

August 1, Percy Hughes, son of Howard James and Sarah Ridler, Holcombe, Bath, Mining Engineer.
August 4, Annie Jane Hayward, daughter of Frank John and Alice Dobbs, London, Carpenter.
August 8, Amelia, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Morse, Cinderford, Collier.
August 8, Madeline, daughter of Thomas and Emilia Blower, Lydney Lane, Labourer.

August 16, by the Vicar, Martin Clarke Cossens, Bristol, to Emma James, Bream.

August 12, Jane Wyatt, Coleford, 34.

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