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Issue Number: 84  October   1876

October 1876 No.84

16 Sunday after Trinity....186, 106, 231, 189, 146,
17 Sunday after Trinity....98, 52, 279, 259.
18 Sunday after Trinity....57, 249, 268, 147.
19 Sunday after Trinity....35, 232, 241, 105, 261.
20 Sunday after Trinity....51, 104, 55, 274, 154.

Sept. 6, Eliza Ann, daughter of Richard and Sarah Kear, Bream’s Woodside, collier.

Sept. 6, Harriet, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Frowen, Bream’s Tufts, miner.

Sept. 16, Francis Thomas, son of ,John Francis and Mary Latham, Bream’s Eaves, haulier.

Sept. 17, Ada Annie, daughter of Hartley and Caroline Smith, Mill Hill miner.

Sept. 24, Arthur Owen, son of James and Harriet Haines, Parkend Road, blacksmith.

Sept. 24, Robert Riley, son of Robert and Sarah Richards, Bream, miner.

Sept. 24, Reuben William, son of Robert and Sarah Richards, Bream, miner.

Sept. 3, Esther Ann Lusty, Bream’s Woodside, 28.

Sept. 17, Job Winn, Mill Hill, 20.

Since the Harvest Holidays the elder children have been for two weeks the superintendence of Mr. Phillips, master of S. Briavels
National School, who kindly gave up part of his holidays to supply the temporary want of a master at Bream Schools. Mr. and Mrs Wall, from
Whiston School, Prescot, Liverpool, have now the charge of the boys’ and girls’ school. The infants remain as before, under the care of Miss


This Service will take place on the evening of Wednesday, October
11 at 7.30. We thank God for our food at meal-time, day by day; it is the Harvest, which supplies our daily bread yearly, when Harvest is finished, we should praise God for giving and preserving to our use the kindly fruits of the earth. The Harvest Thanksgiving seems as necessary in the act of worship as the saying of grace when we sit down eat. Lets all, who are able, meet together at Church to thank God for The present time furnishes two special reasons for the observance of this festival. With work so scarce, a dear loaf would add difficulty of getting a living; we have need to thank God that he has spared us this additional burden. Besides this, we cannot of another country, where war has taken the place of harvest leave little nourishment to the seasons; while we thank God that we have been able to gather together an Harvest in peace, we may restore peace and plenty to our fellow creatures, Christians or Turks, who are at war, and in want. The Sermon will be preach by the Rev. D. Davies, rector of Dixton, Monmouth The following Hymns are fixed :—268, 98, 249, 57, l47. A collection will be made at the Service in aid of the sufferers in Servia and Bulgaria.

The Deputation for the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts will visit the Forest in the month of November. Those who hold boxes are requested to gather all the contributions they can, and to have their boxes in readiness for the Deputation’s arrival.
Particulars of Sermon and meeting will be given in next months Magazine.

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