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Issue Number: 72  July   1876

July 1876 No. 72


3rd Sunday after Trinity........... 281, 129, 105, 251, 259.
4th Sunday after Trinity............. 51, 98, 279, 261.
5th Sunday after Trinity.............. 52, 5, 102, 262.
6th Sunday after Trinity............ 231, 241, 179, 154.
Church Anniversary.................... 268, 104, 10, 178, 147.
7th Sunday after Trinity..............268, 104, 10, 178, 147.

The Rev. Becher F. Turner was ordained Priest in Gloucester Cathedral on Trinity Sunday.

The anniversary of this club was observed on the Monday in Whitsun week, June 5th. There was a good attendance of members at School in the afternoon, and the walk down to Church showed that the club keeps up its numbers. The Service consisted of part of the of Evening Prayers; Hymns 297, 85, and a Sermon by the Vicar, from I C. xii. 4. After service, the division of the surplus funds, which comes round every third year, took place, and full members received their several shares. 103 members carried away division money, which varied in sums from £3 3s. to 3s. 6d. There are 123 members on the books.

The festival day. Thursday, June 15, opened with clear signs of untoward weather, which were verified by a plentiful fall of rain during morning and afternoon. If the drive over was moist, it was at least not dusty and those who braved the weather (and there were few not in this number) were rewarded with a beautiful evening by the time practice was over. The usual arrangements were observed. After practice, down to tea, which was laid out—thanks to Mrs. Palmer’s kindness in the beautiful grounds of Newland House. The Church very tastefully decorated with an abundance of choice flowers. The service was rendered with heartiness and reverence, and a marked improvement showed itself in precision and softness of singing. An excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. E. Machen, of Eastbach Court from 2 Samuel iv 24, on the duty of offering to God that which costs us something. The prayers were intoned by the Rev. H. Hoitt, and the Lessons read by the Rev. H. L. Parry and the Rev. J. J. Trollope. Mr. Johnson, Organist of Clearwell, played the organ; and the singers were led by the choirmaster, Mr. Brind. The choirs numbered 140 members. The collection amounted to £6 6s. Great regret absence of the Rev W. Smith, Vicar of Newland, who was away by the sudden death of a brother.
The Rev. J. J. Coles, Deputation of the Additional Curate’s Society, will preach a sermon in aid of Home Missions, on Wednesday evening July 19th, in S. James Church, Bream. Those who hold box society are requested to bring them to the Vicarage before that to wait, after the service on the 19th, to receive them back Coles, who will also give other boxes to those who may require them. This society takes under its wing the neglected masses of large cities and out-of-the-way districts in country places, and tries to provide clergy for them. It is well worthy of support. There will be a Collection at the service.

A Lecture on Queensland will be given by Philip Henry Esq., a member of the Legislature of Queensland, in Bream School, on Wednesday, July 5th, at 7.30. Useful information will be given those who may be thinking of emigrating.

The Church Anniversary will take place on Wednesday, July 26th. Service at 7.30. The Sermon will be preached by the Rev. S. Trollope, Vicar of Lydney. The Vicar hopes that all who come to Church that evening will first visit the Vicarage for a cup of tea.

The Sunday School Tea must be postponed to the first week in August.


On Wednesday and Thursday, July 5 and 6, there will be a bazaar at Clearwell Court, in aid of the Coleford School of Art.

June 5, Frank, son of Arthur and Susan Cannock, Bream’s Woodside, miner.

June 11, Lily Jane, daughter of Joseph James and Eliza Prior.

June 14, Richard James Oswell, son of Caleb and Lucy Hewlett, Lydney Lane, miner.

June 3, Jane Wilding, Bream’s Woodside, 85.

June 4, Herbert Baldwin, Bream’s Eaves, 6.

June 7, Mary Ann Grimes, Mill Hill, 57.

June 11, Albert James, Yorkley Wood, 3.

June 22, Louisa Ann Phipps, Bream’s Eaves, 1.

June 27, George Watkins, Bream’s Woodside, 67.

June 29, Thomas Harper, Lydney Lane, 63.

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