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Issue Number: 67  February   1876

No. 67

3, First Quarter, 17, Last Quarter.
9, Full Moon, 25, New Moon.
1 Tues. Evening Class at the Firs, 6.
2 Weds. Purification. Morning Service, ii. Evening Service, with Christenings, 7.30.
3 Th
4 Fri. Evening Service at the Firs, 6.
5 Sat.
5th Sunday after Epiphany Communion, 11.
7 M School Club. Library at School, 12.30.
8 Tues. Evening Class at the Firs, 6.
9 Weds. Evening Service, with Christenings, 7.30.
10 Thurs. Parish Tea.
11 Fri. Evening Service at the Firs, 6.
12 Sat.
13 Sun. Septuagesima.
14 Mon.
15 Tues. Evening Class at the Firs, 6.
16 Weds. Evening Service, with Christenings, 7.30.
17 Thurs.
18 Fri. Evening Service at the Firs, 6.
19 Sat.
20 Sun. Sexagesima. Holy Communion.
21 Mon. Poor Man’s Friend Club.
22 Tues Evening Class at the Firs, 6.
23 Weds. Teachers’ Meeting at the Vicarage, 7.30.
24 Thurs. S. Matthias. Morning Service, ii. Evening Service, with Christenings, 7.30.
25 Fri. Evening Service at the Firs, 6
26 Sat.
27 Sun. Quinquagesima. Holy Communion, Yorkley, 11.
28 Mon.
29 Tues. Evening Class at the Firs, 6.

5th Sunday after Trinity.... 129, 57, 189, 147.
Septuagesima................... 105, 275, 276, 274, 258.
Sexagesima....................... 77, 98, 272, 279, 154.
Quinquagesiina.................. 134, 297, 216, 52, 164.

(Compiled from Barnard Smith’s Arithmetic.)
“ February has twenty-eight alone,
And all the rest have thirty-one;
But leap Year coming once in four,
February then has one day more.”
So says the old rhymer. But what is Leap Year? Let us think. Our earth moves round the sun, and takes, as we say, 365 days to make the circuit, hence a common year has 365 days. But really the earth takes nearly 365 1/4 days to get round; and in course of time we shall hardly know where we are, for we shall reckon ourselves at the year’s end when the sun would tell us we had not finished our journey by several days; we shall be before the sun. The great Dictator of Rome, Julius Caesar, who was also the first invader of Britain tried to remedy this error; he ordered that every fourth year should consist of 366 days; this year was called Leap Year, February receiving the extra day. But Julius Caesar had overshot the mark; the earth had now really got round the sun, before he reckoned the year to be ended; we were behind the sun. Thus taking a period of 1257 years from 325 to 1582, it was found we were 10 days too late; so in l582 a Pope of Rome, by name Gregory, with the high hand customary to Popes as well as Emperors, ordered that 10 days be left out accordingly in that year the 15th day of one month followed next to the 4th; and to prevent a future loss of 10 days, it was arranged that in every 400 years, three of the Leap Years should be left out thus in every period of 1250 years, we seem to keep the 10 days we really lose. This method was called the Gregorian or New Style, and was adopted in England in 1752, when we had lost 11 days. The other method is called the Julian or Old Style; thus Old Michaelmas and Old Christmas take place 12 days after New Michaelmas and New Christmas.


The Parish Tea will take place at the Schools, on Thursday, Feb. 10
Tea will be ready at 5.30 p.m.; after which will follow readings, and Songs, and glees, at 7.30. Admission to the tea and readings, &c , will be 1s. Tickets can be procured from the Vicar or Curate, or the Members of the Committee, Mr. Dickson, Mr. E. Thomas, Mr. Howells, Mr. F. Dobbs, and Mr. G. Batten, and at the principal Shops or the shilling may be paid at the door. The charge for the readings songs will be threepence. It is impossible to arrange for the concert to follow the tea, a scarcity of work in Bream has driven many of the performers to seek work from home; however, there will be an entertainment to amuse those who come to tea, in the Readings, at which the Vicar and Curate will assist, and in the glees and songs, in which some of the school children and several of the choir are to take part. A pleasant evening may be expected.

Number on Books Average Attendance
Boys..... 95 ....68.6
Girls....102 ....57.0
Infants.. 99 ....62.5

Parents are reminded that the last quarter before the inspection has begun, and are requested to send their children very regularly; now that the children have become familiar, with the work of their respective standards, much may done in the last month to make them perfect if only they attend every lesson; the last blow fixes the nail, but what is the use of the blow if the nail is not in its place?

Jan. 12, Charles, son of William and Alice Miles, Sun Green, miner.

Jan. 17, by the Vicar, Thomas Fryer, to A. Morgan, Yorkley Wood.

Jan. 3, Emma Ross, Clements End Green.

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