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Issue Number: 73  August   1876

AUGUST 1876 No. 73

8 Sunday after Trinity 129, 51, 102, 279, 261.
9 Sunday after Trinity 104, 105, 41, 52, 262.
10 Sunday after Trinity 10, 175, 35, 234, 147.
11 Sunday after Trinity 98, 274, 175, 146.

The Flower Show takes place on Saturday, August 5th. In spite of the dry season, a good show is expected, It will be held in a field on the Sun Tump kindly lent by Mr. Thomas Morse. Admission from 2 to 4, - 1s. After 4, - 6d. Prizes given away at 7.

July 4, John William, son of John and Alice Priest, collier, Mill Hill.

July 25, Florence Annie, daughter of William and Mary Ann Wilding. collier, Bream’s Eaves.


July 15, by the Vicar, George Kear to Laura Bullock, of Bream.

July 20, Fanny Watkins, Bream, 48.

The Society for the supply of additional curates has been doing good work for many years past in towns and districts where the existing numbers of clergy find the overflowing populations too numerous to deal with. By providing an extra Curate, it has enabled hundreds of families, previously neglected, to share in the ministrations of the Church. On behalf of this society, the deputation, the Rev. J, J. Coles, preached on Wednesday evening, July 19th, from Luke iv. 18, 19. The collection amounted to l4s. 3d. The Vicar will gladly give boxes to others who are willing to collect for Association.

The anniversary of’ the restoration of St. James was kept in the usual way. The congregation met together for Service, at 7.30, on the evening of Wednesday, July 26. Hymns were Come to Thy Temple, was sung as the clergy and choir entered the church; after the 3rd Collect, Hymn 104, As through the wilderness, before and after Sermon, Hymns 10 and 178, Lord Divine; Lord of the worlds above; and Hymn 147, Through the day, as the choir left the church. The first lesson was read by the Rev. B. F. Turner, the second by the Rev. Thos. Holbrow, Vicar of Coleford. An excellent Sermon was preached by the Rev. J. J. Trollope, on Genesis xxviii 16. The church was most tastefully decorated. Before services congregation who were able to come, took tea with the Vicar. The collection amounted to £ 1 8s. l0d.

The Children’s Party came off on Monday, July 3lst.Teachers and children met in the Schools at 2.30, marched through the village with flags flying, and singing to the tune of Hungry Fox, and Bring my Dolly. After a short service in the church, all went to the vicarage where games occupied boys and girls and teachers till tea, at 5.30. After tea games were resumed, and then skipping matches and races took the place. About 9 o’clock the party separated, after a pleasant afternoon.

(For National Schools.)
On the Books Boys....... Girls........ Infants.......... Total
105..........101.......... 121............ 327
Average Attendance...71............59............ 90............. 220

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