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Issue Number: 35  November   1869


Before the present month has passed away we shall have entered upon the season which reminds us of the Second Coming of our Lord. It is proposed to offer an opportunity of receiving the holy Sacrament on each Sunday during Advent, alternately at eight and at eleven. With this view, in the present month, the Holy Communion at Yorkley Wood will be on the third Sunday, instead of the last; and the early Communion at eight, in Bream Church, on the last Sunday, instead of the third. It is hoped that Communicants will suffer no inconvenience from this alteration of the Communion Sundays. The partaking of the Holy Sacrament forms the fitting preparation for the Second Coming of Christ, for in it we do shew "Lord’s death till He come."— Con. xi., 26.

According to the notice in our last number, the Bishop of the Diocese held a Conference of Clergy and Laity at Gloucester, on October 8, in the Shire Hall. Perhaps some of our readers would like to know how it all went off. Imagine a large room filled with upwards of 700 people—Clergy, Churchwardens, and other Laymen who had been invited; at the end a gallery, with an organ in the centre, the benches in front and at the sides occupied by ladies; on the left,, as you entered, a platform with seats for the Bishop and chief speakers, and visitors of note. Front this platform papers were read on set subjects, which were afterwards discussed in speeches; any one desirous of speaking sent up his card to the Bishop, and mounted the platform to speak. Ten minutes were allowed to each speaker. The Bishop began with Prayer, and opened the Conference with a few remarks on the solemn nature of the gathering. A paper was then read by the Rev. W. F. Powell, Hon. Canon of Gloucester, and late Vicar of Cirencester, on "The best way to promote the spiritual efficiency of the Church," in other words, how to make our Church what we profess the Church to be, more really the way of salvation to our souls. After several speeches on the same subject, the Morning Meeting ended a little after one o'clock. In the afternoon Conference at two o'clock, papers were read by Lord Ducie, on "The proper manner of educating the children of our farmers and tradesmen;" and by the Rev. J. W. Sheringham, Vicar of ...udish, as to "How the Church in this Diocese may turn its Services, Ministers, Schools, and general ministration to the best account." Several spoke on each of these subjects. The Conference was marked by calmness and good-feeling speakers of different views spoke openly, each were received with equal fairness. It is impossible that so many people should have gathered together and listened to such a calm discussion of subjects so important, without going away impressed with the reality of that Church to which they belong, and of the real work its members, each in their several ways, were doing. If nothing else came of it, this fact stamps the Conference as successful; that something more will come of it we can hardly doubt.

A meeting was held at the School on Wednesday Evening, October 20, in aid of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
After Prayer, and Hymn 189, a few introductory words were spoken by the Vicar, and the statement of accounts read by the Rev. H. Williams; then an address was given by the Rev. C. C. Oldfield, Rector, Minchinhampton, who explained the working of the Society in its dealing with English Colonists and residents on the one hand, and with the native population on the other; and illustrated its success by referring to the Mission in South Africa, where the speaker himself had been employed as a Missionary. Mr. Gosling spoke briefly in conclusion, and the meeting ended with Hymn 181, and the Blessing. The room was well filled. The collection amounted to £2. 8s. 4 1/2d.
The following sums have been contributed from the Boxes during the present year:—

Mrs. Matthew Kear.......... 2s. 7d.
Miss Dobbs...................... 1s. 9d.
M. Jenkins........................ 2s. 9d.
R. Jenkins..........................3s. 6d.
Mrs. Batten........................1s. 6 1/2d.
Miss Jackson.................... 4s. 8 1/2d.
H. Watkins....................... 0s. 9 1/2d.
Mrs. Wilding (Donation)....5s. 0d.

Boxes and Collectors' Books may be obtained by application to the Vicar or Curate.
There will be a Missionary Meeting at Yorkley Wood, in the School, on Thursday Evening, Nov. 11.

During the last month it was found impossible to fix a night for the Readings, as contemplated. There will therefore be two nights during the present month Thursday, 4th, and Thursday, 26th. The Readings will commence at 7.30.

October 10, Louisa, daughter of Luke and Elizabeth Kear, Bream.
October 10, Thyrza, daughter of John and Mary Parker, Yorkley Wood.
October 28, Florence, daughter of William and Louisa Thomas, Bream's Eaves.

October 22, Mary Morgan, Woodside, aged 49.

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