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Issue Number: 29  May   1869


Many of our readers are aware that Mr. Galland will shortly leave Bream. We cannot take notice of his departure without bearing testimony to the zeal and earnestness which have marked his ministry amongst us for nearly three years, especially as it is to his assistance that our Parish Magazine owes much of its success. We understand Mr. Galland had resolved last autumn on resigning the Curacy, and has prolonged his stay from the kind motive of helping Mr. Gosling in his new sphere of work. The whole Parish will feel that it has lost a friend; but it is especially at Yorkley Wood, where well-attended services give proof of the Curate's successful labours, that Mr. Galland's absence will be regretted. Still, all will affectionately remember the loving and hearty ministrations of the Clergy-man who is about to leave us; and all, we doubt not, will pray that God may be with him, wherever he may be called to minister.

On Sunday, April 18th, the alms were collected through the offertory, in aid of this association, which has so largely assisted the Church work in Bream. The collections amounted to £2. 3s. 1d. The sermons were preached by the Rev. H. T. Hoitt, incumbent of Lydbrook.

The Churchwardens of last year hold their posts again for the present year. Mr. R. Hewlett has been nominated by the Vicar; and the Rate- payers have unanimously elected Mr. T. Ames. The meeting took place on April 1st.

The season for Club Feasts is now drawing near. It is hoped that the part of the feast, which more directly concerns God, may be kept upper most in the mind. Our business and our enjoyment will be blessed, if due attention be given to the Club Services in Church. On such occasions we do not assemble simply to go to Church, but to join heartily in the Church Service, when we are there. Prayer Books and Hymn Books should be bought to enable us to present a "reasonable," offering of Prayer and Praise. Such a proper acknowledgment of God will give a right tone to our festivities, and tend to promote in the truest way the interests of our Benefit Societies.

We have received the following statement concerning the Soup Kitchen from Mrs. Addison, of Rockwood, who kindly undertakes the management:—
Free Tickets......................538 Quarts.
Sold at 1d. per Quart .......416 Quarts,
Sold at 2d. per Quart..........45 Quarts.

Subscriptions.....................£9. 15. 0.
Sold at 1d .........................£1. 10. 6
Sold at 2d..........................£0. 7. 6.
Total................................£11. 13. 0.

Expenses, as per book ......£11. 13. 0.
Receipts ............................£11. 13. 0.

At a general meeting held in April, the following officers were elected:
President, Rev. J. F. Gosling; Vice President and Treasurer, Mr. James Morse; Secretary, Mr. John Dobbs, Jun. ; Committee, Mr. C. Jones, Mr. E. Henderson, Mr. Matthew Kear, Mr. J. Shingles, Mr. A Carey, Mr. Wintour, Mr. T. Kear, Mr. T. Batten, Mr. Jas. Thomas, Mr. C. Bryce.

April 11, Rose Emma Ann, daughter of George and Sarah Jenkins, Woodside.
April 18, Henry George, son of Thomas and Emma Beach, Bream.
April 18, Esther Emily, daughter of Alfred and Mary Ann Haynes, Bream's Eaves.
April 19, Frederick Arthur, son of Eli and Frances Dobbs, Bream's Eaves. (Private.)
April 20, Charles Thomas, son of George and Amelia Huebert, Saunders' Green.

April 3, by the Rev. J. F. Gosling, Charles Jones, of Yorkley Wood, to Elizabeth Adams, of Pillowell.
April 18, by the Rev. J. F. Gosling, Henry Kear, of Bream, to Martha Worgan, of Woodside.

April 3, Moses Shortman, Lydney Lane, aged 14 days.
April 21, Alfred Freeman Rudge, Mill Hill, aged 5 years.

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