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Issue Number: 26  February   1869


The Rev. J. F. Gosling, M.A., of Balliol College, Oxford, was collated to the Vicarage of S. James’s, Bream, by the Bishop, on the 8th January. Mr. Gosling was inducted into the living by the Reverend H. L. Parry, Vicar of Clearwell, on the 28th of the same month.

The second week of the present month will introduce us to the season of Lent, the solemn time set apart by our Church for Repentance, in memory of our Blessed Lord’s Fasting and Temptation in the wilderness. It is true no season is unfit for solemn thoughts; but we all know, that what can be done at any time is never done at all. Hence the use of special seasons for special work. We may, therefore, welcome these few weeks of Lent, as an opportunity offered by God, for knowing more of ourselves and of Him We have now a call to withdraw a little from the world, that we may commune with "our Father in secret." This is a time for looking into ourselves, and discovering somewhat of the sinfulness of our nature, which we are always ready to acknowledge with our lip; but very loth to feel in our hearts; we do not mind confessing we are miserable sinners, but we hardly take the trouble to find out in which direction our sinfulness lies. Hence our Lent work, to discover each his besetting sin.
But we must not think only of ourselves. The Christian is never alone in the world; he is not separated from Christ even in the consciousness of his sin.
When S. Peter cried out, "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord;" Jesus answered, "Fear not." To think only of sin would end in despair; to remember Christ in our contrition begets hope. While, then, we recall our sins, we may recall Him who suffered and died to put them away. Repentance has a promise of success, when it leads to the Cross of Christ.
With this view we must give up time for private Prayer and private meditation; we must let these devotions assist our common gatherings together in the House of God.
Additional opportunities are offered in our services on Wednesday and Friday evenings;
During this present Lent it is purposed to draw attention to the Saviour of Sinners, and the Sinfulness of Man, by directing our thoughts, on Wednesday evenings, in Bream Church, to Christ's work of atonement, as set forth in the types of the Old Testament :— ISAAC.—Genesis xxii.; S. John iii., 16.
THE ROCK.—Exodus xvii., 1, 7.; Numbers xx., 1, 13; 1 Cor. x., 4.
THE MANNA.—Exodus xvi., 14, 36; 5. John vi., 26, 65.
THE BRAZEN SERPENT.—Numbers xxi., 5, 9; S. John iii., 14, 15.
THE SCAPE GOAT.—Leviticus xvii., 7, 26; 1 8. Peter ii., 24.
THE PASCHAL LAMB.—Exodus xii.; S. John i., 29.

On Friday evenings, in Yorkley Wood School Chapel, to the Danger of Sin, and the Blessing of Repentance, set forth in the Parable of the Prodigal Son:—
S. LUKE xv; 11, 24.
Sin in its –
Repentance in-

The amount received at the 5 Offertories in this Quarter was £5. 4s. 5d., and the balance in the Churchwarden's hands on Michaelmas Day was £1. 15s.. The expenditure for the quarter amounted to £5. 2s. Thus we begin the year with a balance in the Churchwarden's hands of £1. 17. 5d. The details may be seen on the notice board in the Church porch.

We were prevented by many unforseen circumstances from holding the annual Missionary Meeting last year. It is hoped when next winter comes—and with the winter another Missionary Meeting—that many who have not had their opportunity of giving anything in 1868, will do their best to make up the loss to the society. The total collected in Bream was, from donations, £1. 6s.; from boxes, £2. 0s. 9d. The money from the boxes was made up as follows : —
Bible class ……......4s. 7d.
Howells,E. ……......1. 4d.
Ames, Mrs ……......2s. 0d.
Thomas, J …...........2s. 11d.
Jenkins, R................4s. 9d.
Parsonage Kitchen...5s. 10d.
Jenkins, M...............6s. 6d.
Batten, Mrs..............0s. 8d.
Jackson, Miss...........5s. 0d.
Dobbs, Miss.............1s. 1d.
Kear, Mrs. Matthew.1s. 1d.
Jacobs, E..................1s. 0d.
Roberts, E.................4s. 0d.
All the above, who still live at Bream, continue to hold boxes for the year 1869. Boxes may be obtained on application to the Vicar, or the Curate.

Jan, 3, Elizabeth Jane, daughter of George and Esther Darby, Bream's Eaves, miner.
Jan. 3, at Yorkley Wood, Gertrude Ellinor, daughter of Henry and Esther Phipps, Yorkley Wood, builder.

Jan. 1, Edwin Wheeler, Mill Hill, Bream, aged 40 years.

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