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Issue Number: 32  August   1869

The Festival of the Church Anniversary was kept on Thursday July 8th. During the day many kind helpers were busy preparing the decorations, which, thanks both to those who supplied flowers and to those who arranged them made our church look very gay and pretty in the evening. Care and taste were displayed in the combination of colours and in the fixing of the various wreaths, triangles and crosses in their several positions.
The day was showery, but the clouds lifted towards evening, some few were able to call at the Vicarage before going to church. At 7.15 the clergy and choir walked in procession to the church and sang the hymn, "We Love The Place, O Lord” as they entered the churchyard, and continued singing until they had taken their places within the church. The prayers were offered by the Vicar; the Rev Henry Williams read the Lessons; the Sermon was preached by the Rev. Howard L Parry, Vicar of Clearwell, on the text "The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former, saith the Lord of Hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of Hosts" Haggai ii., 9.

On Wednesday July 28 the children of the Sunday school and the members of the Bible Class assembled with their teachers in the Schools at 2 o'clock. About 150 walked to Church with their flags in procession. After hearing prayers and a short address, they returned to the Vicarage and commenced their games in the meadow, and in the larger field adjoining, which had been kindly leant by Mr Jackson. Rounders and football amused the boys while the girls were busy at skipping and races. Then tea and cake, and bread and butter were consumed in one corner of the field; and games were once more resorted to with fresh energy. About sunset, the bats and balls and skipping ropes remaining were collected and offered as prizes for running, leaping and skipping. The successful candidates were:
GIRLS — Skipping: Clara Morgan- Prize skipping rope; Belinda Ruck, ditto; Anna Maria Jenkins, ditto; Elizabeth Roberts, ditto. Running: Charlotte Williams-Prize ball.
BOYS-Running John W A Jones — Prize trap, bat and ball.
Jumping: Hubert Morse- Prize trap, bat and ball.
Jumping with Pole: Hubert Morse- 1st Prize bat; 2nd Prize — Elwin Wintour, trap and ball.
The games were concluded by a race for the one remaining ball, which was admirably won by William Thomas.
After cheers for Sir James and Lady Campbell, who had remained all afternoon to assist the sports, and also for the Vicar, the children and their friends dispersed, Mr. Carey conducting some songs and glees as they were leaving the Vicarage. The afternoon was fine, and absence of rain allowed the treat to pass off without drawback.

Mr. Adams’ party was well attended on Wednesday 14th July. After tea in Mr. Adams' house, some few met in the School-room and listened to a short address from the Vicar with reference to schools. The following day an entertainment was provided for the children.
On Thursday July 29th Mrs. Vimpany arranged a Tea-party for the members of the Yorkley Choir. Rev. H. Williams assisted in amusing the young people whom Mr. and Mrs. Vimpany had gathered together at Yorkley Court.

This will take place in the usual meadow at Colliers Beach on Saturday August 7th at 2 p.m. A full Brass Band will play during the afternoon. Admission from 2 to 4 , One Shilling; after 4 Sixpence.
The rain which has fallen, little though it has been, and the prospect of more to come, will enable the Exhibitors to display their garden produce in better condition than might have been expected, Exhibitors are requested to remember that the Visitors will ask for a list of the articles to be exhibited at the time the gardens are inspected. We hope that our next number will record a successful flower show.

July 4, Emily Fisher, daughter of Richard and Emily Beach, Ayleford.
July 5, Anne, daughter of John and Luey Hawkins, Bream's Tufts.
July 16, Minnie Harriet Susan Luker, daughter of William and Martha Hewitt, Bream's Cross.

July 5, Frederick Wintle, Mill Hill, aged 5 weeks.
Jul 15, Zacharius Preest, Bream’s Eaves, aged 28.

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