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Issue Number: 28  April   1869


On the evening of Thursday, February 5th, the Rev. W. C. Abbott came to lecture in the School-room, on behalf of the Society for supplying Additional Curates. Mr. Abbott brought with him his apparatus of dissolving views, which he adjusted himself in the Boy's School-room, fixing the sheet in the space occupied by the screen between the two school-rooms. Notwithstanding the unfavourable weather, the Girl's Room was fairly filled. Those present, especially the younger, were much entertained by the dissolving views; and all were deeply interested in the lively "running" Lecture which accompanied the display. The first Lecture represented "getting up steam" amongst the tall chimneys of a smoky manufacturing town; a process which the Lecturer, we can hardly doubt, applied with success to the feelings of his hearers, whose sympathies must have been won for the furtherance of the work set before them. Dingy streets, crowded rooms, Sunday resorts of pleasure, scenes of low amusements, appeared in succession. Enough was said and seen to convince the audience of the spiritual wants of our larger towns, and of the need for a fuller supply of labourers. Still, that the work remained full of encouragement, was seen from the last lecture, in which a sailor's room at Yarmouth, offered by poor wherrymen for the Church services, soon transformed itself into a beautiful Church and Schools, provided by the same liberal hands. The Lecture was followed by an exhibition of the Chromatrope, with its marvellous combinations anti transformations of colour. The amount collected was £1. 14s. 5d.

In spite of Palm Sunday falling so early this year, and the cold weather which has prevailed during March, our Churchyard kept up its claim to the title of an Easter "garden." The graves were "alive" with daffodils, primroses, daisies, red anemones, and crocus, and other bright flowers, which made a marked contrast to the white luxuriance of the "snow on the mountains." By some tombs we noticed double tulips and hyacinths, and wreaths and nosegays of richer flowers; in all a care and attention showed how thoughtful the poorest amongst us is in keeping the grave in good order.

Few of us remember a more cheerless Easter Day out of doors. Yet no coldness without can chill the warmth which the message of Easter tidings kindles in the heart within. Those who were able to come to Church found a cheerful aspect inside the walls, in the more joyful rendering of services, which the kind attention of our Church Choir enables us to give, and in the tasteful decorations for which we are indebted to the thought and care of members of our congregation, who wish to help
us "keep the Feast" with joy and gladness. It is with Flowers God has decked out His natural Temple; so Flowers became a fitting ornament for His Sanctuary and House of Prayer.

GIRL'S SCHOOL: —By the kind suggestion of a lady, who takes interest in the Schools, the following Rules for the Girl's Work have been adopted;
1.— Entry to be made in the Work Book.
2.— Standard of Prices to be fixed as named in the Book.
3.— Work to be brought after 2 p.m..
4.— No article to be taken away till paid for.
5.— All payments to contribute towards the School Fund.
6.— A Copy of Rules to be placed in the Girl's School.
7. —Rules to be altered, if necessary, by consent of Managers.
March, 1869

The Evening Classes came to a close on Tuesday, March 23. That night the Scholars were examined, and their papers sent up to the Education Office, in London.

March 3, Ellen, daughter of George and Sophia Childs, furnaceman, Bream's Eaves. (Private)
March 7th, Charles, son of Isaac Emanuel and Eliza Cox, mason, Yorkley Wood.
March 14, George, son of William and Emma Hulin, collier, Bream's Woodside.
March 21, Alice Mary, daughter of Daniel and Augusta Sophia Cross, miner, Bream's Woodside.
March 24, Georgina Sarah Hewlett, daughter of James and Anna Maria Phillips, haulier, Bream.
March 24, Gertrude Laura, daughter of James and Ann Tilling, shoe maker, Bream.
March 26, Harriet Amelia daughter of James and Eliza Jones, blacksmith, Parkend.

March 1, by the Rev. J. F. Gosling, Thomas Morse, Jun., Whitecroft, to Mary Kear, Bream. (By license )
March 4, by Rev. J. F. Gosling, William Preest, Bream, to Louisa Banister Worgan, Bream. (By license.)

March 16, Job Cooper, Parkend, aged 1 year 10 months.

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