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Issue Number: 21  Sept   1868


The Fourth Annual Show was held at Colliers’ Beech, on Saturday, August 1st; and was, all things considered, better than any former one. The long drought had parched up the land, and consequently many gardens were unable to produce vegetables which were considered by their owners as worth entering for competition; hence there were only 157 articles this year against 193 last year. On the other hand the onions and potatoes were better, and the baskets and pots of flowers, and designs in grasses and flowers, more tasteful. The attendance was not so large as last year. The Lydney Volunteer Band played during the afternoon, and gave great satisfaction. At 6 o'clock the prizes, all of which were of a useful and substantial sort,—as quilts, sheets, fire-irons, tables, knives and forks, crockery, iron ware, tools, &c., many of them presents from Lady Campbell and Mrs. Noel,—were presented to the winners by Lady Campbell. The judges were the same as last year,— Mr. Collison from Clanna, and Mr. Moysey from Newland House. The following is the list of successful competitors:—

Ornamental Basket of Plants— 1st prize,George Webb; 2nd, George Summers; 3rd, W. Miles.
Basket of Fruit.—lst, Thos. Watkins; 2nd, John Croome; 3rd, Geo. Summers.
Nosegay.—lst, Richard Howell ; 2nd, Richard Brain; 3rd, James Billy.
Basket of Wild Flowers..—lst, Mrs. Nicholls; 2nd, George Webb; 3rd, Richard Brain.
Best Design in Flowers, Grass &c.— lst, George Webb ; 2nd, Rd. Hewlett, Jun.
Collection of Medicinal Herbs,— 1st, Richard Brain.
Cabbage (4).—1st, Charles Brice; 2nd, Wm. Thomas; 3rd, Richard Howell.
Potatoes (half peck).—1st, Thomas Watkins; 2nd, Matthew Kear; 3rd, Thomas Batten; 4th, Tom Kear. Charles Brice, commended.
Winter Onions (6) 1st, Miles; 2nd, Hunt; 3rd, T. Watkins, Richd. Johnson.
Lettuces (4)— Richard Howells.
Celery,—1st, Charles Jones; 2nd, James Thomas.
Kidney Beans,— 1st. Geo. Wintour; 2nd, John Morgan; 3rd. Richard Howells.
Basket of Vegetables. 1st, Thomas Watkins; 2nd, Albert Carey; 3rd, Thomas Batten; 4th, Charles Jones.
Rhubarb (6 sticks).—lst, Miles; 2nd, J. Thomas.
Green Peas (half-peck),—1st, Richard Howells ; 2nd, John Shingles.
Broad Beans (half-peck)—1st, Thomas Watkins; 2nd, William Thomas; 3rd, Richard Howells.
Cucumbers (3)—1st, John Dobbs jun.; 2nd, James Thomas ; 3rd, Richard Johnson.
Carrots (6)— 1st, Richard Howells; 2nd, George Wintour; 3rd, Edward Henderson; 4th, John Kear (Mark).
Turnips 6) —1st, John Hunt; 2nd, Richard Hewlett; 3rd, Charles Jones.
Parsnips—1st, Richard Howells; 2nd, John Morgan; 3rd, Samuel Summers; 4th Richard Hewlett.
Cauliflowers—1st, Richard Johnson; 2nd, Richard Howells.
Spring Onions (24).—1st, Miles; 2nd, S. Summers; 3rd, Richard Dufty ; 4th, J. Baker. Hunt, commended.

Was held on Thursday, 6th August, and was attended by 180 children. The rain, which was most welcome otherwise, spoilt much of the out-door arrangements, and the tea was taken in the school-room. The following prizes were awarded:—For attendance: Hubert Lucas, a story-book; Bessie Worgan, scissors. For general good character on leaving school: Agnes Robbins, silver thimble. For sewing: Emily Howells, silver thimble. Other rewards given —We take this opportunity of urging parents to send their children regularly to the Sunday School and of drawing their attention to the injury done to children's minds by sending them to one place on week -days and another on Sundays.

The Keble's Christian Year prize, for the best list of flowers named in Holy Scripture, is awarded to Celia Bevan, whose list is as follows:—
Mandrake (Song Sol, vii, 13) Coriander (Ex xvi. 31) Rose of Sharon (Song Sol., ii.,11). Lily of the Valley (ditto). Rose (Isa., xxxv., 1). Lily (S. Matt., vi., 28). Mallow (Job, xxx., 4). Myrtle (Isa., xli 19). Thistle (2 Kings, xiv., 9). Hysop (Lev., xiv., 4). Mint (S. Matt., xxiii., 23). Pomegranate (Song Sol., vi., 11). Almond Blossom (Num., xvii.. 8).

The Poor Man’s Friend Club held it anniversary for the first time on Tuesday, August 2. The members met at the school and went to Church, and afterwards transacted business. About 75 persons had tea, with a substantial supply of cold meat, cake, &c., in the Boys' School; and towards dark a short address, showing that the club would in all likelihood thrive, as having no break-up, was made by the Vicar; followed by the Rev. A. Mac Leay, who is temporarily supplying the place of the Rev. B. A. Galland. The club numbers 42 members. The feast brought in a profit to the club of about 7s.

1. What does "in the vulgar tongue" mean in the Baptism office?
2. What do we learn from the history of Gehazi?
3 A woman who lied to an angel— a prophet in a wicked man's house— the second murderer—a man who housed the ark—the prince of the
angels—a King who had a bedstead of iron—a widow who changed her name because of her troubles. The first letters make the name of a man whose prayer is in example to the young

We purpose, by God’s blessing, shortly to begin a monthly celebration of the Holy Communion at 8 o'clock. It will probably be upon the third Sunday in the month; and on the first Sunday it will continue to be celebrated as now.
C. W.

August 7, in sickness, Elizabeth Angelina Landers, Bream's Tufts.
August 19, in sickness, Richard, son of John and Mary Hancock, miner, Mill Hill.
August 23, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Morgan, collier, Woodside.
August 25, Frederick. son of John and Louisa Drew, collier, Bream's Eaves.
August 25, Amy Wilmer Morgan, Bream.

August 3, Elizabeth Johnson, Bream's Tufts, aged 3 weeks.
August 3, Elizabeth Birt, Bream's Tufts, aged 59 years.
August 3, Eliza Phillips, Bream, aged 13 months
August 7, Reuben William James, Yorkley Wood, aged 1 year.
August 21, Sarah Jane and John Isaac Ellway, Colliers' Beech, aged 9 months.

August 1, by the Rev B A. Galland, Thomas Mountjoy, Cleverend's green, to Annie Hill, Clement's Tump.

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