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Issue Number: 22  October   1868

Will begin in October, by the Clergy and Mr Carey. No boys will be taken under 9 years old; nor unless they regularly attend Sunday School or Bible Class. The night school was originally started for the members of the Bible Class; as anyone may become a member, the Night School may be said to be open to all. The attendance charge is one penny per night, which includes lights, fire, use of books &c. from seven o'clock to nine on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

It is not possible to fix in the almanac page of this month's magazine the Sunday on which Holy Communion will be administered.

Mr. Adams has begun his night school.

On Sunday October 4, there will be a Litany and Catechizing in Bream Church at 3 o'clock; and evening service at 6.30. If this change seems to fall in with the views of the greater portion of the regular attendants at Church, it will be continued through the winter, on the first Sunday in each month. There will be no christenings on these Sundays and the Psalms will be chanted.

August 30, Sarah, daughter of John and Eliza Fryer, collier, Yorkley Wood.
September 2, Leonard, son of William and Phoebe Cooper, miner, Lydney Lane.
September 12, Rowland, son of Jonas and Elizabeth Voice, miner, Mill Hill (in sickness)
September 18, Alfred Isaac Kear, son of John and Ann Kear, miner, Bream's Eaves.

September 2, by the Rev, C. Witherby, Thomas Higgins, The Blisters to Mary Ann Vines.

September 1, John Hancock, Mill Hill, aged 48 years.
September 18, Annie Kear, Bream, aged 3 months.
September 24, Ann James, Yorkley Wood, aged 84 years.
September 27, Thomas Morgan, Woodside, aged 2 years

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