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Issue Number:   March   1868

March 1868


Thursday Evening, Feb. 20, was wet, but our Annual Party was well attended, and the School Rooms were pretty full; about 130 persons had tea, and many more came in afterwards. Most unfortunately neither of the clergy were able to be present—Mr. Galland being away for the week on business, and Mr. Witherby confined to his room by illness. Sir James Campbell and Mr. Hoitt most kindly supplied the places thus vacated, and contributed heartily to the success of the undertaking. The room was tastefully decorated with evergreens, rosettes, and mottoes. After tea Sir James Campbell said a few hearty words, and the concert began. To the sincere regret of the choir, several pieces had to he left out, owing to an accident—Miss Dobbs, who was to have accompanied them on the piano, having cut her hand shortly before. The singing was considered to be an improvement upon last year's.

It has been found necessary to alter the day of the Bream branch from the second to the first Tuesday in the month. Members will please to bear this in memory.

Will be held every Wednesday evening at Bream and every Friday evening at Yorkley Wood Chapel, at half past seven. The subjects of the addresses will include the Two Sacraments, Sinfulness, Repentance, Forgiveness of Sins, Death.
N.B.—The Penny Readings having been always fully attended, in spite of dark and wet evenings, the clergy are encouraged in their hope that many of their flock will be able to attend these services; it being now quite clear that it is convenient to many persons to leave home for a much longer time than that occupied by these services. There will be no christenings.

Those who wish to be confirmed should let one of the clergy know of their desire at once. The confirmation is fixed for the evening of Wednesday in Easter week. Preparatory classes will be held at the Parsonage, a at Yorkley Wood Chapel: at the latter on Tuesday evenings.

ANSWERS TO PUZZLES IN LAST No.—1. Purchase of Cave of Machpelah.
2. Ford Jabbok, Ahimelech, Isaac, Tertullus Haman: Faith. 3. to Judges viii., 21; vii., 25. It means, "Destroy utterly our enemies, as Gideon destroyed them."
No. 1, 2, 3, answered rightly by E. Raddon, H. T. Kear, Mary Kear, A. Hayward, C. Bevan, H. Ames, R. and A. Y., B. E. 1 and 2 by J. T. Kear. 2 by M. J. Lucas, S. J. Batten, E. Jacobs.
NEW PUZZLES.—1. What chapter in the New Testament relates an event which puts to right Gen. xi., 1—9?
2. What was the Shew Bread?
3. A mountain that burned with fire; the first smith; a faithful steward; a Jewish feast instituted in a heathen land; an upholder of one who prayed; the seller of his birthright; the faithful rebuker of a king. The first letters make the name of a martyr.
N.B.—Any persons may send questions to be put in the Magazine, either with or without their names.

On Friday evening, March 6th, a Lecture will (p.v.) be delivered in the School-room, by the Rev. C. Abbott, on the "Home Missions of the Church of England." A collection after the Lecture in aid of the Curates' Aid Association.

Feb. 2, at Yorkley Wood Chapel, William, son of George and Mary May, collier.
Feb. 9, Charlotte Julia, daughter of William John and Hannah Ellaway, blacksmith, Bream.
Feb. 23, Albert, son of Richard and Elizabeth Watkins, miner, Mill Hill.
Feb. 23, Edwin Jesse, son of William and Elizabeth Worgan miner, Bream's Eaves.
Feb. 24, John Rowland, son of George and Elizabeth Preest miner, Woodside.
Feb. 24, John William Moore son of Albert and Marianne Carey, schoolmaster, Bream National Schools.
Feb. 24, Adeline Alma Matilda, daughter of Samuel and Mary Jenkins, collier, Bream's Eaves.
Feb. 24, Elizabeth Elsmore, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Mary Heath, collier, Bream's Tufts.

Feb. 12, Charles Jones, Cleverend's Green, aged 2 years.
Feb. 20, Elizabeth Whittaker, Bream's Woodside, aged 57 years.
Fob. 20, Thomas Preest, Shutcastle, aged 67 years.
Feb. 28, Emanuel James, Bream’s Woodside, aged 45 years (killed by an explosion of powder in China Pit).

Feb. 24, by the Rev. B. A. Galland, Henry Dibbin to Frances Brice.

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