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Issue Number: 18  June   1868


This society celebrated its eighth anniversary on Whitsun-Monday. It consists of over 60 members. Last year it consisted of 22, thus having increased threefold in the space of a twelvemonth. The sick pay is 8s. per week for 13 weeks; 6s. per week for the next 13 weeks; and 4s. per week afterwards, as long as necessary. The monthly contribution is 2s. for members entering between 40 and 50 years of age; 1s. 9d. for those between 35 and 40; and 1s. 6d. for those between 35 and 12. On a members death the box pays £1, and each member 1s.; on a members wife's death the members pay 1s. each. Admission fees amounted to 3s. 3d.
The following was the balance-sheet of the society upon May 31st:
£ s. d.
78 16 5....................In Lydney Savings Bank (Post. Office)
0 0 9....................Balance in Treasurers hands.
£ 78 17 2

At this time there is one sick member on the box. Since last anniversary the society has paid to sick members £11 0s. 10d.

Copies of the rules may be obtained of Mr. A. Carey, Secretary, the Bream National Schools; price 6d. each.
The club meets the first Monday, of every month, at half—past seven, in the Girl's School Room.

At a general meeting of the subscribers and others interested in this undertaking, held at the School on April 29, it was resolved to cut out what was hitherto the last rule, which prohibited the same person from winning the first prize for the some article more than two years running. As the rules now stand it will be open to those who have won first prizes since the show first started to continue their competition for the same still.
There is room for two opinions upon the subject; but if those who came in second last time will make up their minds to be first this, no difficulties will arise.

The funds in hand this year are small, being only about £2. The Committee, however, is reinforced with some members of well known activity, and there is a general determination to make the fourth show of, "The Bream Cottage Gardeners' Association" as great a success as the former ones. The Committee, as mentioned in May number, consists of Messrs. R. Howells, H. Hewlett, Charles Jones, James Thomas, Thomas Batten, Thomas Ames, John Kear (Mark), E. Henderson, Matthew Kear.
The list of articles for which prizes will be offered—funds permitting— is the same as last year's.

The Club Feast season is coming on, and we venture to request the members of the different Societies that attend the services at the Church to bring their Prayer and Hymn Books with them so as to be able to join in the worship of God, as in the Club business and the festivity, which follows. We have always endeavoured to make these services as hearty and as near approaching the style of those of Sundays, as possible; looking upon them as a thanksgiving offerings to God and a supplification for prosperity. This, however cannot be effectually done unless all the members take their part in them. Prayer Books are not dear to buy, nor heavy to carry nor are Hymn Books; and the right use of them in church makes the service that which is the distinguishing glory the Church of England—CONGREGATIONAL! not a performance for folks to listen to, but a SERVICE for all to join in, and that too with voice as well a heart. Why should not our Club Feast service be as hearty as our Sunday ones? What is the difference between going to Church on Sundays and going to Church on week-days?
Notice of the day and hour of the various Club Services should be given to one of the Clergy before the Sunday preceding the Feast-day, that notice may be given in Church.

l. He giveth His life for the sheep; the sheep know Him.—Isaiah 40, v. 11; Ezek. 34, v. 12; 1 8. Peter 2, v. 25, and 5, v. 4 ; Hebrews 13, v. 20. In the care and love of His sheep, in which He excels all earthly shepherds ; and in laying down His life for them.
2. Publius, Acts 28, v. 7 ; Urim ; Rehoboam; Iconium ; Miriam ; Feast of Purim; Esther 9. 8. A short prayer for the day, collected (or gathered out) from the Epistle and Gospel.
Nos, 1, 2, 3, by R. and A. V., H. M. Ames, Mary Kear, E.Raddon, C. Bevan.
No. 1 and 3, S. Thomas. No. 1, by G. Adams. No. 1. and 2, Hubert Morse. No. 2, by James Thomas Kear.

1. What does "Rogation Days" mean in the Almanack for the days before Ascension Day?
2. What was the Feast of Pentecost?
3. What does Psalm 24, v. 7 to 10, prophesy of ?
4. Where do we read of Jabez; and what does his prayer teach us?

May 17, at Yorkley Wood, Melinda, daughter of John William and Mary Manners, furnaceman, Yorkley Wood.
May 24, Frances Kate, daughter of Harry and Frances Dibbin, servant, Bream.

May 25th, by the Rev. C. Witherby, John Jenkins, Bream's Woodside, to Ann Kear, Bream's Eaves.
May 2, Gerald Richard Ridout Witherby, Bream Parsonage, aged 11 1/2 months.
May 7, Georgiana Mary Hewlett Phillips, the Firlands, aged 11 months.
May 7, Sarah Maria Jenkins, Bream's Woodside, aged 27 years.
May 28, Thomas Beach, Bream, aged 7 months

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