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Issue Number: 19  July   1868


A short account of the financial condition of this society appeared in our last number. The anniversary was held on Whitsun Monday, June1st, when all, or nearly all, the members attended. At half-past two (the Incumbent being away from home), the chair was taken by the Curate of Bream and the usual preliminary business transacted. The members then proceeded to Church, where evening prayer was said, and a sermon preached by the Rev. B. A. Galland. After service, the ordinary business of the club was proceeded with in the Girl's School-room; the officers, committee, &c., being appointed with great unanimity. The business ended, the members and their friends sat down to tea in the boys room; over 100 were admitted, and all appeared well pleased with the entertainment which was provided. A special committee of the society had been appointed to make all the arrangements, and doubtless the members are grateful to them for their very successful exertions to make everything satisfactory. The usual mock auction followed, at which Mr. Henry Hughes presided; he brought about some very satisfactory sales of the surplus eatables, and the party separated about eight o'clock, after spending a very pleasant evening.

It is satisfactory to hear that the prizes at the Flower Show will not be fewer this season. We hope that none of our readers have waited too long before applying for tickets. These are supplied by the Flower Show Committee, whose names are given in our last two numbers. The last day upon which tickets may be obtained, is Wednesday, July 1st.

The Anniversary of the re-opening of our Church will be celebrated on Thursday, the 9th inst. The Sermon will be preached by the Rev. T. Holbrow, incumbent of Coleford. Service to commence at 7.30.

The answers to the puzzles will be given next month.

On the 4th of June, the annual tea party connected with Mr. George Adams's school was held at his house. The evening was fine, and the attendance good. After tea, several of the party adjourned to the School-chapel, where the Rev, B. A. Galland addressed a few remarks to them, on the subject of education.
The monthly collection amounted in May to 12s. 2 1/2d. and in June to 7s. 9d. The clergy are glad to see that the approach to the School-chapel is so much improved, and wish they could say as much for the road up the hill.

June 3, (privately), William Richards Teague.
June 7, (privately), Elizabeth, daughter of George and Elizabeth Morgan, collier, Bream's Woodside.
June 11, Esther daughter of William and, Ann Bishop, furnaceman, Bream's Eaves.
June 11, Mary Ann: daughter of Alfred and Mary Ann Haines, furnaceman, Bream's Eaves.
June 11, Selina, daughter of Alfred and Mary Ann Haines, furnaceman, Bream's Eaves. .
June 11, Albert James, son of James and Jemima Bishop, furnaceman, Bream's Eaves.
June 11, William John, son of James and Jemima Bishop, furnaceman, Bream's Eaves.
June 14, at Yorkley Wood, Bertha, daughter of Timothy and Sarah Jane Crew, blacksmith, Yorkley.
June 14, at Yorkley Wood, Alice, daughter of Henry and Esther Thomas, collier, Pillowell.

June 24, by the Rev. J. J. Ebsworth, John Hawkins, Bream's Tufts, to Ann Burley, Bream.

June 3, George James, Bream's Woodside, aged. 21 years.
June 22, Mary Baylis, the Langetts, aged 74 years.

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