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Issue Number: 20  August   1868


This parish festival was celebrated on Thursday, July 9. The Church was well and tastefully decorated, the pillar wreaths especially being less heavy than they have been of late; and the general effect of the whole, especially of the chancel, was very happy. In the recess of the east window was a text made of ivy leaves, "Praise ye the Lord." The choir met at the Parsonage at seven, and with the clergy formed procession to Church, singing in the churchyard the usual hymn, "We love the place,
O Lord !" The lessons were read by Revs. H. Mather and H. T. Hoitt. The sermon was preached by the Rev. T. Holbrow, incumbent of Coleford, on the words, "Enoch walked with God," Gen v., 24, which were explained and enforced, application being made of the anniversary season; which, by reminding us of the uses of a church, should lead us to value the means of grace, as helping us to "walk with God."

On the Sunday following there were collections for the Incorporated Church Building Society, which gave £100 to Bream Church Enlargement in 1860. The morning offertory was 19s. 3d., which was raised to £2 in the afternoon. This is more than last year’s collections,

Speaking of collections, we beg to refer to the churchyard enlargement. Mr. Bremner contracted to do the last part of the work (as cutting the bank and laying out the walks), for. Of this, £6. 10s. was given by the Newland Burial Board, and made up to £8 by a donation. It was then suggested that as the Tithing had paid for all the expense (£170), the Forest part of the parish, which has equal right to use the churchyard, should raise the remaining £4. We are sorry to say that there are no signs of this trifling sum being raised, and that the inhabitants of the Forest part do not appear to be willing to raise for their burial ground one-fortieth of the sum paid by their neighbours.


1. Rogation Days mean days set apart for prayer, to ask God to bless the fruits of the earth, and for devout preparation for the observance of Our Saviour's Ascension, Rogation is a Latin word, and means prayer. The Rogatian Days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Ascension Day. (By C. Bevan, E. Raddon.)
2; Pentecost: a Jewish Feast held in memory of the law being given from Mt. Sinai; this was 50 days after the departure from Egypt, and Pentecost means fiftieth. It was also called the Feast of weeks.—.(By the same.)
3. Ps. 24, 7 to 10, prophecies of Our Lord’s Ascension. (E. Raddon.)
4. The prayer of Jabez (1 Chron., iv., 9, 10) teaches us to ask God's blessing on all our undertakings, and to pray to Him for guidance in every thing we do. (C. Bevan.)

Is offered for the best list of all the flowers mentioned in the Bible. To be sent in by August 20th. The prize will consist of a copy of Keble's "Christian Year," and is open only to parishioners of Bream.

On Sunday, July 21, the Lydney Company of Volunteers attended morning service at Bream, under the command of Capt. Allaway.

Harvest holidays will begin August 7, and last 3 weeks. The Sunday school treat will probably be some day during the first week in the month. No children except those attending the Sunday school or Bible class will be admitted, except by invitation from Mrs. Witherby. The prizes for attendance will be given. The next prizes will be for attendance and conduct between harvest and Feb. 1; conditions as before, but with this additional one :—No child will be awarded the prize who has not had an attendance card.

At the Government Inspection in May, out of 37 boys examined, only one failed in reading, and two in writing and spelling. Out of 17 girls examined, two failed in reading, and three in writing and spelling.

The next No. will contain a full account of the Flower Show.

July 5, Sarah Jane, daughter of George and Anne Beach, collier, Sun Tump
July 19, Harry, son of Richard and Eliza Webb, collier, Colliers' Beach

July 5, Charles Jenkins, Bream's Eaves, aged 2 years.
July 11, Lucy Preece, Bream's Eaves, aged 15 months.

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