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Issue Number: 10  October   1867

The Bream Magazine, October 1867.

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A special meeting of Sunday School teachers was held in the School Room, on Wednesday, September 18, to make various alterations and improvements in the method of carrying on the work. It was well attended, sixteen teachers being present. It was agreed that the teachers should divide their duties, one set attending in the morning, the other in the afternoon. One suggestion in particular was made, which it is to be hoped all parents will act upon---viz., that :—
All Sunday School Children, whose Parents attend the Church, should sit
with their Parents in Church.
This may be done with no trouble, and with great advantage; the teachers who are in charge at any service can hand them over to their friends, either as they go into Church, or after the children’s prayer. We hope that all parents who read this will act upon it, by directing their children to join them in their seats, or by meeting them at the porch. Such plans would remove the two chief drawbacks to the benefit of Sunday Schools :—(1) It would leave fewer children to sit together (which is a saving of confusion and noise); and (2) It would allow of parents and children worshipping side by side in the House of God. After service is over, the children can return to the school-seats, and receive their tickets of attendance.

We take this opportunity of explaining the method of ticket rewards. In many Schools there is a custom of giving prizes or rewards once a year; a custom which is open to many objections, one of which is this—that children; become irregular in their attendance, and more careless in behaviour, in proportion as the reward is farther and farther away, until the time for a fresh one draws near again, when they are stirred up to unusual efforts or regularity. Now, our plan is to spread out over the

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