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Issue Number: 5  May   1867

The Bream Magazine, May 1867 (one page only)


The annual custom of remembering our dead, and signifying our faith in their resurrection which the dressing of their graves with flowers on Palm Sundays really means, was well observed. Many persons put their flowers on the Saturday evening, and all had finished before service-time on the Sunday morning. There was not so many spring flowers out as we had expected, but there was a. good and tasteful arrangement of them, and very few of the dead were passed over unremembered. We are happy to say that there were but two or three paper flowers to be seen, and another year we may hope to be without any at all. The custom is very old—much older than the invention of artificial flowers; so that the use of paper flowers is a new-fangled as well as an unmeaning thing.
On many of our graves flowers are now growing; it is well that such graves be kept free from weeds, and clipped when the grass is too long—(some shears may be
borrowed from the Parsonage for this purpose); then the Churchyard, with very little trouble to each person interested in it, will remind us of Our Saviour’s burial-place, a garden.
The Good Friday Afternoon. Service, in spite of heavy rain, was well attended by the children, whose answers to the questions put to them were satisfactory, and made without shyness. This encourages the introduction of a similar service occasionally on Sundays, as the Church intends should be the case; see the Rubric at the end of the Catechism in the Prayer Book. Accordingly, when the third Sunday service is begun, and while it is continued, we propose to employ the afternoon of the first Sunday in the month in this manner :—Litany and questioning of the children at 3, when the congregation will kindly allow them to occupy the seats in front of the Lectern, and the usual full service will on these days be at 6; on others, 6.30.On theseSundays we must beg that no infants be brought for Holy Baptism.

C. W.

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