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Issue Number: 6  June   1867

The BREAM MAGAZINE,June 1867 (part only)

visible recollections, they would never have forgotten the friends left behind in Bream. He especially expressed the wish and hope that the Choir would go on in as happy and successful a manner, and in as brotherly a spirit, us had been the case hitherto.
On the teapot was inscribed, "Presented to Ambrose Henry Smith, together with a purse of money as a farewell gift by the inhabitants of Bream." In the purse was the sum of £6 11s. 2d.
Mr. Smith’s successor is Mr. Albert Carey, at present master of Great Witley Schools, Stourport, who will, all well, begin, work on Monday, June17th; and the Girls’ School will he taken Mrs. Carey, on Miss Leet’s giving it up at the beginning of July. The Boys are being taught meanwhile by the Clergy, in turns; who beg to remind their flock that they are thus prevented, for a time, from their usual amount of visiting—sick of course being excepted. Mr. and Mrs. Carey will no doubt receive a kind welcome among us, and we trust they will succeed as well as their predecessors. Mr. Care will take Mr. Smith’s place in Church as Choir-master Mrs. Carey is well recommended as a teacher of sewing, &c.

The Club Feast season is coming on, and we venture to request the members of the different Societies that attend the services at the Church to bring their Prayer and Hymn Books with them so as to be able to join in the worship of God, as in the Club business and the festivity, which follows. We have always endeavoured to make these services as hearty and as near approaching the style of those of Sundays, as possible; looking upon them as a thanksgiving offerings to God and a supplification for prosperity. This, however cannot be effectually done unless all the members take their part in them. Prayer Books are not dear to buy, nor heavy to carry nor are Hymn Books; and the right use of them in church makes the service that which is the distinguishing glory the Church of England—CONGREGATIONAL! not a performance for folks to listen to, but a SERVICE for all to join in, and that too with voice as well a heart. Why should not our Club Feast service be as hearty as our Sunday ones? What is the difference between going to Church on Sundays and going to Church on week-days?

Notice of the day and hour of the various Club Services should be given to one of the Clergy before the Sunday preceding the Feast-day, that notice may be given in Church.

The half-past 6 o’clock Service will not be held on Trinity Sunday, June 16
owing to the Ordination of the Rev. B. A. Galland on that day. The Yorkley Wood Service will, on that day, be held at 6.30, for the same reason. The Ember Week Collects to be used at Family Prayer during Whitsun-week.

The "Bream Magazines" and "Chatterboxes" may be had at the Parsonage, until the School house is occupied by the new master.

On Whitsun-Monday there will be Afternoon Service at 3, and a Tea Party in the School at 6; and at 8 'clock there will be some "Readings." Admission to the Tea and Readings, One Shilling; to the Readings, Threepence, Front Seats; One Penny, Back; Profits to go to the School Benefit Club, which will have its feast on that day, and also the division, which is expected to be very satisfactory. The Statement, will be printed, and a copy of it will appear in our next.

We understand that the business concerning the enlargement of the Churchyard is being proceeded with, and that the ground will be consecrated in August. Meanwhile every effort is being made to make the best of the present small amount of room, so as to allow of families being buried as near together as possible. At the same time it must be understood, that should delay occur, and fresh graves be required, burials will have to be made where it is most to the convenience of the PARISHIONERS GENERALLY.

April 28, Alice Helena, daughter of Henry and Jane Hewlett, New Inn, Bream.
April 28, Alfred, son of John and Camilla Fletcher, joiner, Woodside.
May 12, Thomas James, son of Joseph and Maria Williams, labourer, Langetts.
May 26, Job, son of Job and Matilda Cooper, labourer, Bream.
May 26, Ann, daughter of Samuel and Alice Preest, collier, Woodside.
May 19, by the Rev. C. Witherby, Alfred Kear (Berrow) of Bream, to Rachel Morgan of Whitecroft.
May 1, Sarah Robins, Bream, aged 46 years.
May 1, Eliza Wildin, Sanders Green, aged 16 years.
May 7,Thomas Cox, Yorkley Wood, aged 60 years.
May 15, Jessie Williams, Mill Hill, aged 14 months,
May 15, Joseph Nicholls, Bream, aged 67 years.
May 25, Sarah Kear. Green Patch, aged 17 years.

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