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Issue Number: 7  July   1867

The BREAM MAGAZINE, July 1867.

of the Church enlargement and re-opening, is proposed to he celebrated on Wednesday evening, July 10th. Our readers will be interested in knowing that the Rev. J. Erskine Clarke, Vicar of S. Michael's Derby, and Editor of the inside pages of this Magazine, Chatterbox, Children's Prize and several other publications, has kindly promised to preach the sermon. Service will be at half-past 7, to suit the convenience of those who work late.

Any offerings of flowers for decorations will be welcome, and may be brought to the Parsonage, to Mrs. Witherby (who will be glad to give any advice or directions about their arrangement, devices, &c. &c.), on the Tuesday evening, or the morning of the Anniversary day, before12 o’clock noon.

The collections on Trinity Sunday, on behalf of the Church Building Society (which granted a sum of £100 to the enlargement of our Church), amounted, with sums afterwards sent in by persons who were not at Church at the time, to £1.15s.

The public catechizing of the children on Whit-Sunday afternoon was so successful that it is intended to continue it monthly for the present. The next occasion will be Sunday July 7th, at 3. Subject —"And in JESUS CHRIST, His only Son, our Lord"

An election of new scholars was held on Thursday, June 27. There were two vacancies from boys leaving, and a third was made by the removal from the books of the name of a boy who was absent from the examination without leave or notice, in violation of the Rules; there was also the prospect of a fourth vacancy. There were five candidates, all of whom were from our own neighbourhood, and had been under instruction in our National Schools. Of these the following were declared elected :— John Jackson, Tom Wintour, Grantley Dufty, and (in case of the fourth vacancy) Hubert Morse. The School is now full. The Trustees resolve that the scholars shall be thoroughly examined every half-year—a special day being set apart for that purpose.

The Flower Show is fixed, all well, for Saturday, August 3. Rule V. has been carried out, the Committee having resolved, at their last meeting, that no tickets should be sold to certain parties who exhibited and won the first prize, for some flowers which had been in their possession less than the required time.

May 30th, Margaret Rose, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kear, joiner, Bream's Eaves.
June 16th, Gerald Richard Ridout, son of Cornelius and Mary Anne Witlherby, the Parsonage, Bream.
June 26th (privately), Sarah Anne, daughter of John Thomas and Anna Morgan, tin-worker, Mill Hill.

Jutie 20th, by the Rev. C. Witherby, George Preest, of Bream Woodside, to Elizabeth Jenkins (Bull), of Woodside.

June 25th, Sarah Bishop, Mill Hill, aged 54 years.

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