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Issue Number: 12  Dec   1867

December, 1867
No. 12

The BREAM MAGAZINE, December 1867.

PRICE 1 1/2d. or 1s. 4d. YEARLY

Messrs. T. AMES, T. BATTEN, A.CAREY, Bream;
G. ADAMS, Yorkley;
C. C. HOUGH, Coleford.


We are at the end of the first volume of our Bream Magazine, and on the whole venture to hope that the experiment of issuing it has been successful. The back numbers can all be obtained at the Parsonage, or by leaving word at the School-house. With the new year, God willing, we hope to start with Vol. ii, improving it in a few respects (see below).
The end of the year is near, and Advent is again come, with its solemn lessons of caution, awakening, and encouragement. We propose to hold the usual Advent
evening services at half-past seven every Wednesday evening, when there will be litany and sermon. On Sunday, Dec. 8, the afternoon sermon will be preached, we hope, by the Rev. Thomas Holbrow, incumbent of Coleford.

There will also be litany and sermon every Friday evening, at half-past seven, at Yorkley Wood Chapel.

We hope that all who can will take advantage of these opportunities, and be led to think the more seriously of the coming of Jesus Christ. "The Lord is at hand:" "blessed is he that watcheth."

The services at Christmas will, all well, be as follows :—
Christmas Day, morning service, with holy communion, at 11; evening service at 6.30, after which the choir will sing some carols.
Dec. 26 (S. Stephen’s Day), morning prayer at 11.
Dec. 27 (S. John’s Day), evening prayer and sermon at 7.30.
Dec. 28 (Holy Innocents' Day), morning prayer at 11.
New Year’s Day, holy communion at 8; evening service and sermon, at 7.30.

The annual Missionary Meeting was held in the Bream Schools on Tuesday evening, Nov. 12, and was very well attended. After prayers and a hymn, a short address
was made by the Rev. B. A. Galland, on the Rise and Progress of Mohammedanism and its tenets; and the Incumbent delivered a lecture, illustrated with pictures, on Mission Work in South Africa, especially among the Caffres. A good collection, amounting to £2 2s. 2d. was made at the close of the evening, for the funds of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
A similar meeting was held on Friday, Nov. 22, in the Yorkley Wood Chapel, Mr. Arthur Paine supplying the place of the Rev. B. A. Galland, who was absent from home. The room was full, and another good collection was made, amounting to 8s.7d.
Our next number will probably announce the total sum sent in by this parish to the Propagation and other societies.

On the re-opening of the Schools after Christmas, there will be introduced a new plan for securing to parents the regular and early attendance of their children. Each child will be provided with a card (which will be charged one halfpenny), on which there are spaces for marking the number of attendances; whether late or in time; the receipt of weekly payments; and marks for conduct. A card will be made out for twelve weeks. Rewards will be given from time to time to those children who shall have been regular, early, well-conducted, and have paid their school-pence at least fortnightly. These rewards may, if the parents desire it, be an addition to the clothing club card, or so much carried on for school-payments.
N.B.—This reward system will only hold good in the case of those children who attend the Sunday school.

The Penny Readings appear to be as popular this season as they were last; and the committee may be congratulated on their selection of readers and pieces, as
well as of musical performers. Penny Readings were started originally for purposes of education; when they are only "funny," they do no real good. Let us have good sensible readings—not too grave, but not all gay— and good stirring songs, to brace us up with words and tune, otherwise we are better at home, and the penny is better put by towards buying some good book So far, the Bream Penny Readings have been of a useful and improving tone.

In the next year's numbers of the Bream Magazine, we propose to keep a space to be called "The Bream Letter Bag," for receiving and replying to any questions on scripture subjects, church matters, and so on. Any person may write to us that feels so disposed; and every care shall be taken to answer their letter or questions, provided that there be always left to the managers of the Magazine the power of refusing any correspondence which will provoke controversy, personal feeling, &c. This may especially serve to amuse the elder school children, as well as their elders.

The Soup-kitchen will open on the 1st week in January, at the Cottage.

November 10, Janetta, daughter of Thomas and Emily Blower, labourer, Lydney Lane.
November 10, Emily Kate, daughter of John a Annie Phipps, mason, Bream’s Eaves.
November 25 (privately) Isaac John, son of Thomas and Mary Ellaway, labourer, Bream's Eaves.

November 1, George Howell, Bream's Eaves, aged 47 years.
November 4, Alice Abbott, Bream, aged 6 years, 11 months.
November 15, Edward Anthony Rudge, Bream Woodside, aged 1 year, 5 months.
November 17, Mary Ann Richards, Bream’s Eaves, aged 31 years.
November 21, Sarah Price, Bream Woodside, aged 87 years.

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