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Issue Number: 8  August   1867

AUGUST, 1867
No. 8

The BREAM MAGAZINE, August 1867.

PRICE 1 1/2d. or 1s. 4d. YEARLY

Messrs. T. AMES, T. BATTEN, A. H. SMITH, Bream;
G. ADAMS, Yorkley;
C. C. HOUGH, Coleford.


The Sixth Anniversary of the Re-opening of the Church of S. James, Bream, was celebrated on Wednesday, July 10th. The Church was re-opened, after enlargement and repair, on Friday, July 5th, 1860, with three services at which sermons were preached by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol; the Rev. B. Ferguson, Incumbent of Llandogo; and the Rev. John D. Ridout, Vicar of Bourne, Cambridgeshire. On or about the same day of July, in each year, the happy circumstances of that re-opening have been kept fresh in our memories by a hearty service, at which we have generally obtained the help of a neighbour or stranger as preacher. On this occasion we were favoured with the presence of the Rev. J. Erskine Clarke, of Derby. The Church was very tastefully decorated, the work being shared among the eldest girls in the School and Bible Class, and several "devout women," who gave their talents of time and skill to adorn and beautify she House of God. Flowers were kindly sent from Lydney Park, Clanna, Rockwood, Whitemead Park, Newland, and Drybrook, and from most of the gardens in the parish. Our Church never looked to greater advantage, the decorations being of a lighter character than has often been the case.

Service was at half-past 7 p.m., by which time there were several visitors and strangers, besides parishioners, present in the Church; the haymaking, however, prevented a considerable number from attending. The Clergy and Choir met at he Parsonage, and proceeded to Church, singing in the churchyard the hymn- "We love the place, O Lord, Wherein thine honour dwells."

The prayers were divided between the Incumbent and the Rev. H. T. Hoitt ; the lessons were read by the Rev. T. Holbrow (Coleford) and the Rev. W. T. Allen (S. Briavels) The hymns were No. 268 and 293. The sermon was upon the opening words of Psalm 122-" I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." The substance of it was as follows:-
" ' Let us go'-An invitation often given to join in sinful pursuits, but here, to join in acts of worship. All who come to church should try and bring others with them, not saying 'let ME go,' but 'let US.' Gladness ought to be the distinguishing mark of religion, especially if we are to prevail upon others to join in serving God. Some persons would make it seem harsh and dreary, especially to children, forcing them to austerities and disappointments in order to fit them for the rough work of after life; but this is a mistaken view and defeats its own object ; besides which, it is opposed to God's Holy Word and to the loving character and fatherly relationship which that Word teaches us of Him. Coming to His house with feelings of thankfulness, and expecting a blessing in answer to our Prayers through the mediation of our Saviour we shall then be prepared for praise, we shall not need stirring up to it, but 'praise will wait for God,' (Psalm 65, 1.)-just as at a royal concert every instrument is tuned and ready, and the moment the Queen comes into the room the music bursts out, having waited for her till then. If then we should be glad at going to God's house, we should learn to use the means of grace aright, that we may receive greater strength for His service in this life, so as at last to obtain the promises of the life to come."

After the sermon, hymn 258 was sung, and a collection made, amounting to £4. 11s. 4d., which will enable the churchwardens to complete the set of standard candlesticks for the church.

Mr. Simeon Dobbs-who has been our organist for seven years, and to whose attention and skill, in conjunction with those of Mr. A. H. Smith, the efficiency of the choir is, by God's blessing, to be greatly ascribed-has been appointed to the office of organist and choirmaster, at Stockcross, near Newbury, Berks. his place will be supplied by Mr. Carey.

The Prizes (workbox and bat) offered in our January Number, for the most regular attendance in the Boys' and Girls' School, have been won by Maria Jenkins, whose attendances amounted to 197; and Hubert Lucas, whose attendances amounted to 219. The Prizes will be given at the Sunday School Children's Treat, which will probably take place one day in next week.

Girls; a workbox.
Boys; a trap and bat.
For the greatest number of attendances between the Harvest Holidays and February 29, 1868.
1.-Good conduct.
2.-Regular attendance at Bible Class, or Sunday School.
3.-No attendance to be reckoned unless present at prayers.

A prize will shortly he offered for the best pieces of needlework.

The Clergy take this opportunity of thanking the members of all the Clubs, Women's as well as Men's, for their courtesy to them, and their devout and attentive demeanour in church. The services have all been punctual to the time appointed, and heartily joined in; in all cases the notice requested was given in sufficient time for announcing the service on the Sunday previous to the feast day

The Clergy will be ready, on notice sufficient for announcing at a Sunday service being given, to hold an Evening service for the convenience of any parents who may be desirous of having children baptized, but are unable to bring them on a Sunday. They take this opportunity of reminding their parishioners, especially those at the Yorkley End, that the Church makes no charge or fee for administering this sacrament or registering the name.

July 25, William Rosser Darby, Bream's Eaves.
July 25, Louisa Rosa, daughter of John and Louisa Drew, collier, Mill Hill.

July 28, by the Rev. C. Witherby, Nathaniel Cross, of Bream's Cross, to
Augusta Sophia Brain, Bream.
July 28, by the Rev C Witherby, John Ellaway, Colliers' Beech, to Anna James, Bream.

July 21, John Henry James, Bream's Eaves, aged 6 years.
July 26, Florence Kate Constant, Noxon, aged 10 months.
July 26, Sarah Ann Morgan, Mill Hill, aged 5 weeks.

N,B.-Our next will contain a full account of the Flower Show, with names
of prize winners, &c.

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