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Mill Hill and Bromley Hill

Mill Hill 1950s (39k)

This is an area of considerable historic interest. The white building is the former Oakwood Mill pub, now a private residence. Next to this building was formerly a Flour Mill probably driven by a water wheel. In 1876, Thomas Musgrove is recorded as being the miller. The entry in Morris & Co directory lists "Musgrove Samuel, miller Oakwood mills and Oakwood inn". A Draw-way stone sleeer (10k)
The right of the photo shows the coal bearing measures.Coal was extracted from the rocks beneath the fir trees by driving in "levels". The left side of the photo contains the iron ore bearing rocks. Up the valley runs the Oakwood Fault. Just before the foreground of the photo is the former entrance to Oakwood Mill Deep Level iron mine. A horse drawn dram line ran through this valley past Flourmill colliery to Parkend . Stones which supported the rails can still be seen at a few points. Bromley Hill Furnace was just out of the photo on the right. Following the closure of the iron mines, Oakwood Mill level was used as a source of fresh water until the advent of mains water. Whatever means was available was used to transport the water to peoples homes as far afield as Parkend Road. As well as the traditional buckets and yoke, more inventive means such as "a tin bath covered by a board and pushed on a trolley" were used

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