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Edwin James and Carolyn James

Edwin James and his wife Carolyn  (40k)

Clarence James kindly provided the following :
Edwin James at the Laurels, Pastors Hill, Bream and Carolyn his wife. Edwin was the first occupant of The Laurels which was built in 1909. The Laurels was bulit by Coldricks of Dark Hole (Saunders Green). Edwin has a "stone jar" probably containing cider to his right. Like many men of his generation, after his shift at Park Gutter, Edwin would tend to his large vegetable garden and his few sheep and fowls. The vegetables and animals were essential to support his large family. He was also a renowned cider maker. At the top of the garden behind the house, Edwin had his own Cider House. Apples were delivered by Harry Royal by the lorry load. The cider was bought by locals in 4 1/2 gallon casks. The last cider sold around 1950 was 3 shillings per gallon or 13/6d per cask Much of the cider was delivered around the village by Edwin's son Russell, who delivered it on a hand-truck. Edwin died in January 1955.

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