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Bream Schoolchildren 1928

Bream Schoolchildren 1928 49k

This is the left-hand half of a school photo. Most parents could not afford to buy photos of their children at school. The solution was to cut the photos into two! with parents buying the appropriate halves. School uniforms were not worn.
The names of the children are thought to be :
Row 5 : Nancy Davis, Jim Elsmore, Harold James, Mavis Evans, Bob Worgan, Audrey Howard.
Row 4 : Raymond Sims, ? , Harold Henry (John) Davis, Dickie Evans, Ivy Batten, ? .
Row 3 : Stan Robinson, Sylvia Wildin, Joyce Worgan, Eric Kent, ? .
Row 2 : Ron Watkins, Percy Macey, Ernie Hancocks, Russell Preest, Peggy Hughes.
Row 1 : Cyril Jones, Ron Hoare, Harold Cornock, Cliff James

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