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Bream Infants July 1951

Image : Bream Infants c 1950 (78k)

Front Far Left ( row 1): 1 Phillip Hawkins, 2 Diane Watkins ,3 (slightly back ) Jean James, 4 unknown, 5 Christopher Stevens , 6 Robert Wilson, 7 (check dress) Carol Davis , 8 (girl in glasses) Eve Davis, (behind Eve Davis left shoulder Howard Meek, boy behind Howard on right with ice cream John Preest) , 9 Sheila Howard , 10 (boy at front) Les Minchin.
Next row back ( row 2)- from left 1 (boy with hand in pocket) Graham Morris?, 2 Roger Chilton , 3 unknown , 4 (girl with bag) Esme Watkins , 5 (boy with ice cream) Melvyn Parry ?.
Row 3 : 1 unknown, 2 Rex Morgan ,
At the back with white ribbon in hair Lynn Brown (nee Clutterbuck)
Lady : Miss Halford, Boy touching Miss Halfords arm is Frank Hale,
Boy at back with blond hair - Robin Watkins.
Boy at back - far right Brian Hook.
Boy with back to camera in distance : James Hoare
Esme remembers that the ice creams were actually cardboard cones with cotton wool for the ice cream. Does anyone else remember what was going on ?.
Thanks to John Preest and Jean Thomas (James) for help with the names.

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